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Tub Talk Three: The Landmark

For tub talk three, I have tested a couple of new bathstore items: the new Gecho Bluetooth waterproof speaker, and the impressive Landmark bath.   Both by name and nature, the Landmark represents an innovation in bathing. A capsule of intimidating grandeur, the Landmark boasts a thick rim, smooth finish and could comfortably hold a small family. Its impressive depth also means I can happily submerge my shoulders in a wonderful world of suds. The last one hundred years has played host to some of the greatest technological leaps in human history, the Landmark is representative of this trend throughout its design and execution.


The Landmark comes as standard in a fresh and classic white finish. For the eccentrics, this previous sentence may have you a bit disheartened. BUT WAIT. Postpone your pouting session for a moment whilst your eyes process this next piece of information. The Landmark can be painted in any colour of your choice. Do not rub your eyes. This is not an inane unconscious daydream. This is the truth. A bath. Painted.  Imagine the possibilities, people! The options are driving me a bit wild, but my current choice is paying homage to my football team – Tottenham Hotspurs. I should point out it comes in a rather sterling gunmetal grey too (but personally if I can paint it any colour I want, why would I?!).

Special Features:

For those of you considering installing a pond in your home (it does hold 205 litres after all), listen carefully. The Landmark bath, made from thermally efficient single cast Touchstone™, not only looks and feels lovely but will ensure you dedicate many more hours in the tub. Don’t forget however, you will need to remember which side you left your clothes on, as a wrong turning may find you unable to locate them for several hours.

Overall Experience:

"Time flies when you're having fun" - No one's doubting that. But you know when time also flies? When you're waiting for the Landmark to fill up. You can hardly call it waiting. It's like waiting for a bullet train in Japan. Don't look away because you'll miss it. No sooner had I started my stopwatch, taken a momentary (6-7 min) glance out the window, before the monstrous aquatic chamber threatened to drench my bathroom floor! Magical. I have never seen water ejected at such a rate since the Hoover Dam. Damn.

Bonus Review (The Gecho):

Mariah Carey, Sean Paul, Marvin Gaye and Big $ean have all used the Gecho to enhance their rehearsal time (source: Untrue Magazine). Party like the stars, pluck those vocal chords and perfect your horizontal dance moves with this superb new gadget.   You no longer have to worry about ordering a new phone every time you take it in to the shower or bath with you. This nifty little speaker offers a speedy Bluetooth connection to insert the tunes on your smartphone or laptop directly in to your bathing arena. Drown out your horrendous voice with some serious volume and splash the hell out of it 'cause this bad boy's water resistant! Best off all it lasts for 17 hours before it needs recharging that is a lot of singing and showering time, people!.   I connected to this device in less than 15 seconds. Really! It's got a neat little cap and is so easy to use. It stuck to my shower door, tiles and window- definitely worth the investment!.

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