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Tub Talk Four: The Lagoon

This time, I've had the pleasure of testing Lagoon freestanding bath. Merely uttering the words sends a warming shiver down my spine. For over a year I have been trawling the galaxy in search of the ultimate bathing experience, and now, I can confirm with complete certainty that the Lagoon freestanding tub has brought me as close as one can get - to bathing Mecca. First laying eyes on this touchstone sensation, I was taken aback by its beauty. That surreal sensation of being surrounded by greatness is not a feeling that I was acquainted with prior to encountering the Lagoon. Having spent several weeks in the company of this visually delicate yet physically robust piece of engineering, I can safely tell you, the bathing public, that I have clinked glasses and toasted to the bath of life with the bathing gods. 

Sprawled over an impressive 1.69m, the Lagoon offers all the serenity and isolation you'd expect from the name. Bath time for many of us is synonymous with escape, a getaway of unparalleled aquatic delusions. The Lagoon delivers on this with ease, style and poise. Sliding down the rear of this titanic construct is what I imagine the Royal Waterslide to feel like (surely she has a waterslide?). Once comfortably lying, legs stretched out amidst a generous width of 0.8m, one will find it impossible to ignore the view that now meets the eye. Encompassed by slick white walls, it's rimless edge seamlessly spilling over the sides, there's nothing left to do other than to admire the overwhelming character of this bath.

This bath represents an innovation in relaxation. Freestanding is a way of life, just as much as a category of bath. To freely stand is something that many of us take for granted. There was once a time where standing freely was not a liberty that people enjoyed in the same way they are able to in the current age. The good people at bathstore have sought to rectify that in the most spectacular fashion, with the Lagoon standing freely all the way to a most fashionable height of 0.54m. For now, with only its base pressed lightly in to the tiled floor, this bath stands alone.

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Lagoon freestanding bath

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