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Tub Talk: The Trend

For my very first Tub Talk I have been invited to review the exquisite and quite mighty, The Trend a freestanding masterpiece…retailing at £629.00

The Trend is a bath that makes luxury bathing, reminiscent of Greek mythology accessible to us mere mortals, "the masses". Please do not take that as an invitation to seek out a nearby Trend owner and get in it without permission. That would be discourteous. This model comes complete with a double end, making it perfect for sharing. Whilst on the topic of sharing, it should be made clear from the outset that my colleague Graham, who has been quacking for weeks at the prospect of trying his first bath, is an integral feature of the test. Afterall, he knows more about water than I ever will. He couldn't wait to get a sneak beak of the Trend and I'm delighted to be able to share our findings with you all.


The Trend is a classic beauty, boasting a wide rim (a perfect head rest!) and glistening white finish, it will leave your friends and neighbours (never the same people) first intrigued, then jealous and finally in a heap on the floor, inconsolable, their spirit broken in twine, beating the floor with their fists and crying, "find me your nearest bathstore and get me a Trend before I drown that stupid duck!" It is perfectly natural that even the most temperate individuals succumb to 'bath rage' when there is such a spectacularly luxurious piece of bathroom apparatus set tantalizingly before them. Insulting Graham however, that's inexcusable.

Special features

I am yet to meet the person at bathstore made in charge of plug positioning. However, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to them on a truly spectacular achievement in this instance, and to thank them on behalf of the bathing population. Too many times have I been left shifting around trying to avoid the plug, only to have then caught it accidentally, and heard the dreaded sound of water, that I have spent so long running, flooding out of the tub. Not up in here. Not in theTrend.

Overall Experience

Relaxing in this bath is a special experience. A great bath should make you forget the troubles and stresses that you metaphorically dumped with your underwear in the corner of the room.The Trend delivers better than the postman on this front, offering the bather supreme comfort and amould of tranquility. I was particularly impressed that it wasn't cold to the touch when I dipped my toe in for the first time, the experts at bathstore tell me this is because it's made of acrylic. Apparently this also means I'm less likely to slip over which is always a bonus being I'm a klutz!

Both Graham and I are delighted with the design and build quality of this indulgent and stylish bath. We spent a good 45 minutes having a blissful soak and we didn't need to replenish the water once as we stayed comfortably warm and cocooned. My bathing buddy Graham has hatched several eggs during only a short stint in the bath. For those of you ignorant to rubber duck behavioral habits, this means he's happy and relaxed – we both are.

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Trend freestanding bath

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