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Meet and read about our Bathroom Executive Officer, Sam Collins.

Tub Talk Four: The Lagoon

This time, I've had the pleasure of testing Lagoon freestanding bath. Merely uttering the words sends a warming shiver down my spine. For over a year I have been trawling the galaxy in search of the ultimate bathing experience.

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Bathing abroad

You've thrown the entire contents of your wardrobe into the dusty suitcase you've pulled down from the attic, knowing full well you won't wear half of what's in there.

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Pamper bath

Leaving the office on a Friday afternoon, smelling like old shoes and bordering on exhausted insanity, one could forgive you for returning home, downing half a bottle of whatever you can find, be it Ribena or beer, and passing out face-down on your bathroom floor, ready to embrace two full days of sweet nothingness.

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Getting Ready for 'The Test'

The weather of late had brought the majority of us a glimmer of sun, to some of us hope, and that all too familiar feeling of feebly attempting to start afresh. What it indisputably has given us, however, is all the more reason to bathe.

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Bathers of the Universe

Bathers of the Universe, I am honoured and humbled to have been given the opportunity to introduce myself to you all formally as representative of bathstore in the capacity of Bathroom Executive Officer. It is also with great pleasure that I introduce you to Graham...

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