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How to get a 5-star hotel bathroom look on a budget

Nothing beats unwinding within the luxurious confines of a designer bathroom at a beautiful hotel. Minimalist design, plush fixtures, and premium beauty essentials make for a more comfortable space that quickly becomes a home away from home.

Recreating the 5-star look has become a popular interior design trend in recent years, with more of us wanting to inject some luxury into our everyday. Our Essentials collection allows you to achieve the premium look in your own bathroom without breaking the bank. From lighting tricks to installing a few key luxury fittings, find out how you can get the look in your home.

Comfort in luxury

Eye-catching aesthetics are key when it comes to hotel bathroom design, which can be achieved with just a few key fittings and choice accessories. A wash bowl basin instantly gives your suite a premium feel – complement it with a Planet mini mono basin mixer, which has an appealing angular finish.

Less is always more when it comes to contemporary bathroom style, and the space saving Cityspace back to wall pan makes for an ultra-modern WC, with its combination of smooth curves, sharp lines, and compact design.

Mix up the colour

Hotel bathrooms often utilise white across the walls and flooring, to create a fresh, modern atmosphere. To showcase your personality, inject a burst of colour into your suite, using brightly coloured tiles across a feature wall and matching towels befitting of a funky boutique hotel suite.

If you want a more subtle design, a monochromatic colour palette can give your bathroom a sophisticated finish, which can be achieved with stone grey tiles and black accessories placed throughout the room.

Subtle lighting

Strategic lighting can really set the mood in any space, and the bathroom is no exception. Create a bright and welcoming atmosphere by making the most of the natural lighting in your bathroom, as well as implementing creative lighting design features.

Overhead lighting above your vanity mirror can be perfect for transforming the area into a key focal point and can help make your daily routine feel effortless.

5-star shower

A deluxe shower is often the cornerstone of a premium hotel bathroom, and this can easily be replicated at home on a modest budget. A thermostatic shower mixer with a variety of settings can enhance your showering experience, allowing you to choose between rain, drench, and massage mode, depending on your mood.

Try installing an ice-white electric radiator nearby, so you can dry off with fluffy, heated towels after you’ve enjoyed a hot, steamy shower.

Premium bathroom essentials

The finishing touches are what gives a hotel bathroom that truly special look. A copper effect soap dispenser is a stylish way to store hand wash or shower gel, while the matching copper tumbler provides the perfect place to keep your toothbrush.

Some strategically placed fresh flowers and luxury candles will give your hotel-style bathroom a more homely feel, creating a heavenly retreat to escape to after a long day. And, of course, no hotel bathroom is complete without some fluffy, fresh towels. Egyptian cotton towels in a colour that complements your suite are a small luxury that you can indulge in every day.

Injecting some five-star style into your bathroom will make it a highlight of your home and can be achieved within even the most modest of budgets. Take a look at the rest of our Essentials collection for more stylish, cost-effective bathroom solutions that can give your suite the boutique feel.

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