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How to keep your bathroom well ventilated

Keep windows open

When running the bath or shower in your bathroom, make sure the windows are open. This will allow fresh air to flow through the space and help prevent condensation from building up. Your bathroom will stay fresh and clean, and the floors will be less likely to become slippery.

If your bathroom is windowless, try keeping the door open as much as possible, along with the nearest window, to help reduce the likelihood of condensation forming.


Keep surfaces dry

To prevent your bathroom from allowing germs or mould to spread in damp areas, try to keep surfaces dry at all times. Use a towel to wipe down countertops, mirrors, and other surfaces that are prone to collecting water droplets.

Getting into the habit of doing this after a bath or shower can seriously cut down the likelihood of condensation lingering in the room and improve the overall ventilation in your space.


Invest in an extractor fan

If you have a small or windowless bathroom, you might want to consider investing in a ventilation system. An extractor fan replaces water vapour and condensation with fresh air, circulating it around your bathroom for optimum air quality.

Choosing and installing an extractor fan is a fairly straightforward process – find out how to fit one yourself or get in touch with our installation experts for professional help.


Consider a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers collect moisture from the air and surfaces in a room and can be incredibly effective in reducing condensation in your home. However, they can be bulky and take a bit of maintenance as you will have to get into the habit of emptying the tank of water.

Dehumidifiers can also be pricey and expensive to run, and therefore are only recommended when home design dictates that an extractor fan is not possible. On the plus side, they are portable, which makes them especially handy if other areas of your home are prone to damp and condensation.


Heating your bathroom

The more heat you have in your bathroom, the easier it will be to keep it dry. Bathrooms that include underfloor heating or heated towel rails will typically dry out much faster, and so it’s well worth factoring heating into your bathroom design.

As well as keeping condensation to a minimum, you’ll also be able to step out of the bath or shower and straight into a nice toasty towel or onto a perfectly warm floor! Explore our full range of bathroom heating solutions for more ideas and check out our expert heating guides for tips and advice.


Demister mirror

Trying to get ready in front of a steamed up mirror can be incredibly annoying, but luckily there are plenty of mirrors on the market specially designed to solve this problem. Our illuminated mirror with demister and motion sensor will not only clear away any fog automatically, but its flattering light will make your beauty regime all the more luxurious!

Keeping your bathroom ventilated is easier than you think and the long-term benefits are worth the effort. For more tips and advice on planning the perfect bathroom, browse our full range of buyer’s guides or take advantage of our design service.

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