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Looking for tips on how to spruce up your bathroom or need décor ideas for a swift makeover? The bathstore blog is full of handy hints and tips for everything bathroom-related. Whether you’re remodelling a small en-suite or need design ideas for a new wet room, you’ll find it all right here!

How to wash your towels

There’s nothing quite as cosy as the warm hug of a soft, fluffy towel after a luxurious bath or shower.

By following a careful maintenance and washing routine, you can keep your towels in quality condition and enjoy their welcoming hugs for years to come.

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5 signs it’s time to refurbish your bathroom

Imagine you receive a sudden request from an old friend who you haven’t seen for ages – they’re passing through town and was hoping to stop by for a cup of tea and a chat. You rush around and prepare your best china, lay out a new tablecloth and then the thought hits you: what about your bathroom? 

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The 8 struggles people with small bathrooms have to face

Do you dream of a life where you can step out of the tub and not land in the toilet? Where legs no longer bear bruises of collisions with the bath panel?

This is in fact the harsh reality for people with small bathrooms around the world.

Warning: those with a spacious bathroom may find this article somewhat distressing. 

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Design ideas for a kids’ bathroom

We know that bath lovers can be any age, and for the little ones who understand the overwhelming joy of a great bathroom, only the best will do!

Styling up a bathroom for kids is such an exciting opportunity to have fun with colours, decoration, and themes. So sit back and relax while we take you through some of our top suggestions.

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Brightening up a dark bathroom

Many bathrooms are built without windows or a lot of natural light. To combat this, there are a few ways of brightening the place up without the need for a big refurb! Take a look at our quick and easy tips for transforming your dark bathroom!

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Perfect bath: 4 recipes for a soothing soak

Bathing has been considered a relaxing and calming activity since, well, pretty much forever (we’re talking as far back as Cleopatra, who regularly indulged in a soothing milk bath)! If history has taught us anything, it’s that there are very few things that soothe...

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