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10 signs your love of baths is getting out of hand

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” Sylvia Plath, American poet and novelist

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that baths are pretty much the best thing ever. They help you unwind, they treat your senses, and if you’re lucky, they can help you in getting a Eureka-style flash of inspiration!

Whilst we strongly advocate a love of baths, as you might have guessed from our name, there are certain signs that can only mean one thing: your bath addiction is getting out of hand.

We’re here to show you that we understand your struggles. Stay strong, bath lovers.

1.      Wrinkly hands

Do your fingertips resemble prunes? It’s basically your body’s way of saying that it’s time to get out of the bath.

2.      When you end up with watermarked books because you keep splashing them in the tub

Wrinkled pages, curled corners, and splash marks; the books lining your shelves look like they were recovered from the Titanic.

3.      Seeing a new range of bath bombs and losing your mind…

Seeing a new range of bath bombs and losing your mind…

Your friends and family get you bath products for birthdays, Christmases, and almost any other occasion, yet you still need to buy more.

4.      You tackle every problem by having a bath

Bad day at work? Bath. Headache? Bath. Papercut? Bath. Broken leg?* Bath!

*Seriously though, you should really go to the hospital.

5.      You have very strong feelings about the right temperature

You gauge the heat of you bath water like a pro. You know the exact hot-to-cold ratio for the ideal bathing temperature. If this is not achieved, you go into meltdown.

That or your spirit is broken as soon as the water starts to cool.

P.S.: If you hate this as much as we do, try a Thermaform bath – these retain the heat for much longer!

6.      95% of your life decisions are made in the bath

Archimedes has nothing on you; the tub is your ideal thinking spot. But you know that things have gone too far when you’ve decided on a house, baby name, holiday destination, and career change – all whilst soaking in the tub.

7.      Knowing the exact angle your head needs to be at to fit around the taps

Especially if you frequently share a soak in the tub with your loved one.

Quick tip: We’ve got a range of freestanding baths with central tap fixtures if you want a more comfortable shared bathing experience!

8.      Not having enough room for all 20 million bottles of essential oils

20 million bottles of essential oils

We get it, using essential oils is an absolute dream, but when it comes to storing them all the struggle is so real.

Need some extra storage in your bathroom? Check out this useful article in our furniture buyer’s guide.

9.      Not going out with friends because you’ve already got plans with the tub

Drinks with the girls? Dinner with your SO? Work night out? If the tub takes priority every time, then we hear you.

10.  When your Instagram is filled with snaps of bubbles and bath bombs


If you’ve got an unwavering passion for bathing, then you are not alone!

Got some serious love for your tub? Share your enthusiastic bathing habits with us on Facebook or Twitter!


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