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10 steps to preparing a luxurious bath

Whether you’ve had one of those days at work, been pestered by the kids, or you’ve simply got some rare time off to yourself, nothing ends the day better than a long soak in the tub. Shutting yourself away in your own spa-like environment can really help your worries melt away and leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

If you have an especially busy lifestyle, an indulgent soak in the tub may be a luxury you can only afford once in a blue moon, so it needs to be perfect. Follow our 10 top tips on how to guarantee a luxurious bathing experience worthy of Cleopatra and prepare to take a trip to bathtub heaven.  


1. Do not disturb

Nothing could be worse than having your relaxation session interrupted by an annoying family member ringing you up or, even worse, a sales call; kind of defeats the purpose, right? If you have a brood of little monsters and they happen to be home, make sure they are tucked up safe asleep in bed, or are being looked after by your other half or an older sibling.

Don’t forget to switch your phone to silent to avoid pesky phone calls and work e-mails sneaking through; these are all things that can wait until tomorrow (or, at least, until a bit later).


2. Take a shower

Given that the reason of your super soak is to relax, rejuvenate and revitalise, you may want to jump in the shower first to avoid bathing in dirt. Washing your hair is much easier in the shower too and means you have the option to apply a conditioning mask to your stressed locks for extra indulgence whilst you bathe.


3. Heat of the moment

Getting the right temperature for your bath water is important to ensure you enjoy a lengthy and comfortable soak. Although there is no optimum heat for your water, experts recommend no more than a few degrees above average body temperature, which is approximately 36.6 degrees Celsius.  

Bathing two hours before bedtime allows your body time to gradually cool down and can actually assist a good night’s sleep. Before you hop in, test the water using your wrist; this will best allow you to gauge how hot your entire body will feel once submerged.

If you enjoy extended bathing sessions, why not invest in a Thermaform bath? bathstore’s innovative, state of the art range are 60% more thermally efficient than a standard acrylic bath!



4. A natural high

Whilst a hot bubble bath looks and sounds so appealing, the truth is that the majority of bath bubble products are filled with unnatural ingredients that aren’t good for your skin or the environment.

Instead, try soaking in some good quality Epsom bath salts; not only will they help you to relax, but your body will soak up all the goodness of the magnesium.

Of course, there are plenty of options out there so, after spending some time to find the one you prefer, pour in a few drops of oil along with your bath salts to create a heavenly fragrance whilst you bathe. To ensure you get the most of your bath oils, add the desired amount to hot running water just before you get in. This way, you will avoid the majority of the oils sticking to the side of the bath where they are wasted.

Believe it or not, bathing in milk and honey isn’t just something Cleopatra did; many people enjoy this indulgence on a regular basis. Pour one to two cups of full-fat milk under hot, running water along with one cup of honey… et voilà! You’re bathing like an Egyptian queen! This treatment will not only exfoliate and moisturise your skin, but leave you feeling like royalty.


5. Perfect visage

A hot, relaxing tub is the perfect place to indulge in some luxury face care products to take your pampering to the next level. Seek out a good-quality hot cloth cleanse; apply the cream before entering your bath and then wash off with the supplied muslin cloth that you’ve soaked in hot water. Close your eyes and cover your face with a clean, damp cloth and let the stresses of the day swiftly dissipate.

If you’re feeling particularly decadent, you may wish to follow this with a face mask to draw out all your skin’s impurities. This routine will take years off your face and leave your skin feeling softer than a baby’s bottom!


6. Join the jet-set

If you’re something of a bath fiend and like to check yourself in for your own personal tub time on a regular basis, then why not go all out and invest in a luxurious whirlpool bath? These pump jets of water out at speed, instantly creating an indulgent, Jacuzzi-style bathing experience that will rival your local spa with minimum fuss. The only problem is, once you get in, you won’t ever want to get out!

Enhance the overall ambience even further with the addition of a chromotherapy underwater light. This upgrade offers more than just a pretty, colour-changing light show; it’s actually a popular method of alternative medicine used to treat a number of conditions, including stress.

Check out our whirlpool bath range here and behold all your friends and loved ones as they experience some serious tub envy!


7. Dim the lights

Recreate the ambience of your local spa by dimming the lights (or switching them off altogether) and lighting some candles in your favourite scent. Another alternative is to burn some soothing aromatherapy oils to aid you further on your mission to unwind.

If you’re looking for an essential oil that’s a good all-rounder, then you can do a lot worse than choosing lavender. As well as boasting a pleasant, floral fragrance, lavender will help you to relax and can also relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints too.

Rose is another scent known for assisting a number of different ailments, including symptoms associated with menopause, stress, depression and even eczema.

There is a wide range of essential oil burners and diffusers on the market, from traditional ceramic models to stylish plug-ins with LED lighting. Just remember to dilute your chosen oil with either a few drops of water or a carrier oil, such as jojoba or almond, and always go organic; synthetic oils may smell pleasant but can actually be harmful when breathed in.


8. The sound of music

Music is without doubt the spice of life and has the power to evoke many emotions. Whether you want to unwind to the sounds of Tchaikovsky, Enya, or even something more upbeat like Katy Perry  (we won’t judge you, we promise), having your favourite music on can help make you feel good about yourself.

Sync your iPod to this super cool waterproof Gecho Bluetooth Speaker and you can enjoy your favourite tunes without worrying about any splash back. Remember, your voice will never sound better than it does in the bathroom, so sing away to your heart’s content; who cares if you don’t sound like Mariah Carey?


9. Refreshment

If you’re planning to spend 30–60 minutes relaxing in the tub, the likelihood is you’re going to want some refreshments at some point. We would recommend some iced lemon water and a bowl of chopped strawberries for the ultimate detox, but whether you unwind with that or a chilled glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is entirely up to you. Just remember to drink and bathe responsibly!


10. Post-bath wind down

Once you finally exit your sublime tub, it’s important to maintain the relaxing vibe, starting off with warm, fluffy towels. Pat yourself down, moisturise your body with your favourite body cream, robe up, and then head to your couch or bedroom to chill out with a good book or your favourite film – you deserve it!

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