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5 quirky ideas that are perfect for small bathrooms

The great thing about decorating smaller spaces is that you can be brave and bold with your design. If you’ve got an unusual design idea you’d love to try out, then a small space is the perfect place to experiment.

Decorating larger rooms with a quirky design can be a much more intimidating prospect, as there’s simply more space to have to consider. If you’re thinking of adding a little more je ne sais quoi to your small bathroom, then here are five decorating tips you might like to consider!

Antique it up

If you want to break from the norm, then adding antique style furnishing and ornaments is the perfect way to add a touch of panache to the space.


You might create a more retro theme with bold coloured blinds for the window and patterned bathroom linens. Alternatively, you might go for a more elegant look, using classic vintage vases with flowers, picture frames, and an antique-style mirror (such as this one) to add character to the space.

Create a gallery wall

Adding framed pictures or posters is the perfect way to put a personal stamp on your space. Many people opt for decorating small bathrooms in lighter colours, or even just simple white, so a miniature gallery wall can add a splash of vivid colour to the space.

Choose pictures and frames that come in a range of different colours, shapes, sizes and styles to make your gallery quirky. But even if you opt for simpler stylings, a collection of framed images will create a striking focal point in your bathroom.

Mirror wall

Mirror walls have always been popular in small bathrooms because they create the illusion of space, whilst also bouncing light around the room. However, mirror walls are becoming increasingly popular from an interior design perspective too.

You might use a number of large framed mirrors along one wall, or use a variety of mirrors of different shapes, sizes and styles to create a mirror wall which almost achieves the same effect as a gallery wall.

Go big and bold

Many people shy away from bold patterns and bright colours in a small space, because lighter colours do more to enhance the available space, but actually a big bold design can be incredibly effective in a small space.

Choose a patterned wallpaper or bright bold colour paint to create a striking feature wall. You can also use tiles to invite colour into the space – we have a whole range of quirky patterned tiles which will definitely give your bathroom a unique edge.

Use wall decals

Wall decals are a quick and contemporary way to bring a touch of pizazz to any space. Essentially, a wall decal is a vinyl sticker that can be applied to a smooth surface (such as the wall). They’re perfect for bathrooms and can easily withstand humidity and moisture in the room.

These can add the finishing touch to a feature wall, break a bold colour, or bring pattern to a space. You might place them on the shower screen, to add a touch of decoration to the clear glass.

A small bathroom need not be boring. You don’t need to go all out on the décor, but small spaces are perfect for experimenting with more daring decorating ideas. Even a few simple touches can bring colour and unique style into the space.



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