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5 reasons why #bathroomsmatter for first dates

There are few things more simultaneously nerve-wracking and exciting than a first date, between the butterflies that arise when you meet someone new, the anxiety that you might do something totally embarrassing, and the niggling possibility that this one might be the one.

With such emotional turmoil bubbling underneath the calm, cool and collected surface you’re desperately trying to maintain, there’s no question that a little help can go a long way to make sure you keep your composure and enjoy yourself.

We’ve put together the top five ways your bathroom can be your best friend when it comes to those first date jitters.

1. You look fabulous

While we know that you’re marvellous every day of the week, it’s a lot easier to be your spectacular self on a first date when you know that you look your best.

Your bathroom should become your personal pampering lounge so that you can leave for your date looking and feeling like a superstar.

Having handy shelves and baskets in the shower or near the sink will keep your beauty products organised, eliminating the stress of scrambling for shampoo or hairspray when you’re probably already feeling a bit on edge.

Whether you spend minutes or hours slaving away over your make-up or hairstyle, an illuminated mirror provides natural, flattering lighting, reminiscent of a Hollywood dressing room.

Apply those finishing touches and admire the result – you look fabulous!

2. Boost your confidence

In addition to being a great place to help make you look your best, the bathroom is also a perfect spot to take some time to reflect inwards so that you feel confident and upbeat before setting off on a first date.

We all have different tricks and tactics to boost our mood – sometimes all it takes is a glance in the mirror to feel positive, or perhaps a quick pep talk (silently or otherwise!) to give yourself a touch of encouragement.

However, if those nerves refuse to settle, there’s a no-fail option that is sure to ramp up your energy: blasting your favourite tunes is a great way to distract yourself while also getting you in the right frame of mind for a good time.

You can turn your bathroom into a motivational concert hall with a Bluetooth mirror or shower head – allowing you to get your inner-self into the first date zone while also getting your outer-self looking just right.

3. Check yourself

Chances are, whether you’re meeting your date somewhere or you’re waiting for that knock on the door, before crossing your threshold you’ll pop into the bathroom for that final examination. Teeth? Check. Hair? Perfect. 

Nose? Clear!

After the initial introductions and small talk, the bathroom is also the perfect place to seek a quiet moment to recharge before the rest of the date. While you don’t want to send the wrong signal by running for the loo too often, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself for a moment.

Whether you simply want to make sure your smile is clear of the spinach starter, or you need a minute to gather your thoughts before heading out for more, the bathroom is the perfect checkpoint.

4. Show your personality

Maybe you’ve been ambitious and offered to host the date in your home, or perhaps things go well and the night carries on for drinks back at your place. Either way, just as your choice of outfit says a lot about your sense of style, your bathroom reflects your personality.

From the smallest details to statement features, your bathroom is sure to contribute to your date’s impression of you. 

Take the opportunity to show off – whether you have chosen a boutique colour scheme with trendy tiles, or embraced a contemporary theme with minimalist furniture and accessories, make sure your bathroom does you justice!

5. Pat yourself on the back

When it’s all over and you’ve said your goodbyes, what better place to unwind and reflect on the success of the date than in your bathroom?

While you’re scrubbing off your make-up or restoring your hair to its normal state, take some time to congratulate yourself on making it over the most daunting of hurdles.

After all that anxious anticipation, reward yourself with a luxurious soak in the bath or rejuvenating shower – depending on how it went, a romantic comedy might be in order, or you could be plotting your next preparation playlist for date number two!


Regardless of whether you’re shaking with nervousness or buzzing with anticipation, that initial rendezvous with a potential partner is always an exciting experience.

From helping you look and feel your best before the doorbell rings to unwinding when it’s over, there’s no doubt that #bathroomsmatter on a first date! 


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