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6 reasons why bathrooms matter when you're a mum

At bathstore, we understand the importance of bathrooms. They’re not just a space for washing and grooming, for shaving and beautifying – they’re so much more than that.

We’re interested in why bathrooms matter to you, why they’re an important part of your life as well as your home.

Mums are busy people. When they’re not shipping the kids to and from school, they’re either out at work or tackling a long list of household chores; everything from restocking the fridge, to walking the dog, cleaning the house, and wrestling with a giant mountain of laundry.

They’re a shoulder to cry on, they’re on hand to help with homework and they’re the resident plate-spinner when it comes to multi-tasking day-to-day chores. This week, we’re taking a look at why bathrooms matter to mums.

1.      They're the perfect place to relax and escape

The bathroom is one of the few (if not the only) places in the house where mum can go to indulge in a spot of much needed 'me-time'. We know that a relaxing bath is not a regular part of mum's day, but immersing yourself in warm water can help soothe aching muscles and relieve stress – especially in an indulgent whirlpool bath.

No need to head to the spa, the bathroom is where mum can recharge and revitalise; bath salts and aromatherapy oils are all you need to help soak your stresses away. Even if it's just to have five minutes to yourself, undisturbed, no questions asked, the bathroom is the perfect place.

Check out our expert tips on how to run the perfect relaxing bath.

2.      They've got the best acoustics

Bathrooms are renowned for having the best acoustics in the house. Whether mum is chillaxing after a stressful day in the office or giving the bathroom a swift clean, she can unleash her X-Factor, blasting out a few karaoke classics in a space with studio-like acoustics.

If you fancy trying out your bathroom recording studio, Bluetooth-enabled fixtures will add some oomph to your performance, and be sure to check out our bathroom playlist for a little inspiration!

3.      They're the place to go for an ego boost

Flattering lighting

Whether she’s getting ready for a night out with the girls or a romantic evening with her other half, the bathroom is the perfect place for mum to get ready and feel good about herself.

Flattering light is a must-have item in the bathroom so that mums can feel like the superstars they are before they go for a night out on the town. We know how crucial it is to get this right, which is why we created our illuminated mirrors, which give the perfect light for doing make-up and hair!

4.      They're the ideal spot for catching up with your kids

When the cartoons are over, the homework’s been done and all rumbling tummies have been fed, the bathroom is the place mum can have some good one-to-one time with her kids.

From bathing baby before bed to reading with her little ones, the bathroom is a place that provides mum with the all-important opportunity to bond with her kids.

If you’ve got toddlers, and you know the late-night struggles when it comes to bath time, then we’ve got some hints and tips to help things go more swimmingly!

5.      They're the place to indulge your inner interior designer

Indulge your interior designer

One of the best things about a bathroom is that you can transform it into whatever you want it to be. If mum ever wanted to tap into her inner interior designer, then the bathroom is a place where her creativity can easily run riot! Even if she doesn’t have time for a complete overhaul, a bathroom can be transformed with the smallest of changes.

From completely refitting the bathroom to making a few simple cosmetic adjustments with a lick of paint and new furniture, this is a great place for mum to exercise her creative genius.

Thinking of revamping your bathroom? Check out our design ideas for a themed bathroom here!

6.      They're the perfect place to spend Valentine's Day

The perfect place to spend Valentine's day

When mum’s got a dream bathroom, she doesn’t need to check in to an expensive hotel to get some romantic alone time with her other half.

Whether she’s celebrating an anniversary, or honouring Valentine’s Day, mum can escape to the bathroom for a romantic soak in the tub with her boo.

Looking for the perfect tub to enjoy a romantic, relaxing soak? We’ve got a range of double ended baths to choose from (so no one has to draw the short straw and lay with their head next to the taps!).


That’s why bathrooms matter to mums! Are there any reasons we missed? Tell us why #bathroomsmatter to you on Twitter and Facebook.


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