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6 tips for creating a cosy cottage-style bathroom

There’s nothing cosier than invoking a rustic country feel into your bathroom. Low ceilings and alcoves are the norm for most country cottage bathrooms, and can really make your space more interesting and unique – especially if you’ve got rustic features, such as exposed beams, to work with too.

Finding a style that complements the existing space can be quite the challenge, but an exciting design project too. If you’re remodelling a rustic space or redesigning a classic country cottage bathroom, then we’ve got six design tips to help you out. 

1. Less is more

When it comes to designs for cottage bathrooms, the rule of thumb is: less is more. Simplicity is key to creating a look that will be harmonious with the space, especially if the room features exposed beams or wooden floors, both of which can dominate a space.

Many cottage bathrooms tend to be on the small size, and this can be emphasised by the shape of the room and aspects such as the eaves, low ceilings and low sloping ceilings. If you’ve got limited space to work with, you don’t want your design to make it feel cluttered.

2. Neutral colours

Neutral colours are ideal for cottage bathrooms as they complement the overall style of the house – particularly in period properties. Those with existing features, such as wooden floors or exposed beams, will exude a natural and rustic style, which should be reflected in the décor. You can accentuate these features with neutral coloured furniture and accessories to create that country cottage appeal.

What’s more, most British cottages, by design, tend to have small windows, letting little to no natural light in. Neutral tones along with off-white colours are ideal in creating a lighter space.

3. Elegant tub

A freestanding tub is the ideal choice for a cottage bathroom if you’re looking for something to become a real focal point in the space. A traditional roll-top tub makes an elegant addition to any bathroom, but looks especially fitting with in a country cottage bathroom.

In addition to bringing a touch of panache, a freestanding tub carries with it a certain sense of luxury – particularly if you opt for the classically chic slipper bath with its raised lip at one end. The feet can make all the difference if you’re looking for a cottage-style tub, so take a look through bathstore’s range of freestanding baths to find the perfect one to suit your space.

Smaller bathrooms would benefit from our Winchester bath. At just under 1.5 metres long, it is easy to fit into more compact spaces, but the vintage design makes it very in-keeping with the cottage bathroom style.

Coupled with some exposed plumbing and traditional brassware, a freestanding bath can transform a cottage bathroom into a truly sophisticated space.

Tip: The Landmark freestanding bath is particularly good if you want to add a personal touch to your bathroom, since you can hand-paint it to suit your tastes.

4. Shabby chic

Whether you call it ‘shabby chic’, ‘vintage’, or ‘rustic charm’, cottage bathrooms are the perfect forum for this hugely popular style. Naturally weathered or distressed pieces make for a really pleasing, lived-in aesthetic.

The look can be achieved by combining a mix of old and new. You can offset a new bathroom suite with distressed furniture or accessories, such as pretty curtains or tiles with a ‘worn’ design, creating a less pristine and more informal, comfortable space.

Cottages naturally ooze rural charm, so everything from sanitary ware to furniture and accessories can have a country aesthetic. More traditional-style bathroom suites are perfect for cottage bathrooms, working well with any existing period features.


5. Furniture

Unlike the sleek appearance of a timeless or modern bathroom, where fitted furniture allows for hidden storage and a clean, minimalist aesthetic, cottage bathrooms benefit from having freestanding furniture. This type of bathroom furniture compliments the traditional style of the space, whilst having the added versatility of being able to be moved around if you fancy rearranging the room.


It is also helpful if your country-style bathroom comes with a typically country-style shape, i.e., a bit higgledy-piggledy with a few tricky corners or spaces. Freestanding cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so finding one to fit in that space should be easy.

A distressed chair in a corner might tie the room together, making a unique, antiquated addition (and double up as storage for folded fluffy towels).

To browse through the range of freestanding furniture available at bathstore, take a look here.


6. Finishing touches

No room is complete without the finishing touches, and this couldn’t be more the case than with a cottage-style bathroom. From towels and bath linens, to ornaments and décor, accessories are the perfect way to really bring your cottage bathroom to life.

A few vintage finds, such as a rustic vase, a classic tall jug filled with fresh flowers, or maybe a framed picture, can go a long way to making your country cottage bathroom a more personal space. Don’t forget about shelving, where you can put fancy and ornate soaps and cosmetics on display. Using them as space to stack your towels on shelves, or house a basket of fresh loo rolls will add to the overall rustic style of the space!

Creating your perfect cottage-style bathroom has never been easier. From freestanding items to that rustic, distressed style, there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom that charming cottage quality that you are sure to love.

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