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A Beginners Guide to Duck Owning - 5 Top Tips for Looking After Your Duck!

Did we get you? Happy April Fools day! 

We may be the experts in bathrooms, but we’re not experts in keeping ducks, so maybe don’t follow our advice. Hope you had a good Easter!

This Easter Sunday bathstore are giving away a free duck with every purchase! You may be questioning whether you’re ready to be a first-time duck owner, but we promise once you meet your new companion there’ll be no turning back. As there are many misconceptions to duck keeping, here are our 5 top tips to get you started:


1.       Choosing and meeting your duck

In any situation first impressions are important and this is no different. Ensure that your body language is friendly and welcoming and be sure not to make any sudden movements. Despite not having outer ears like we do, birds have an incredible ability to hear different sounds, so be sure to keep to your ‘indoor voice’ and adopt dulcet tones.


 2.       Feeding

Just like humans, ducks are prone to getting ‘hangry’, so be sure to keep yours happy with a diet of pellets and wheat. For a special treat, they also love corn (canned, frozen or fresh), lettuce and other greens, frozen peas (defrosted) and seeds.


 3.       Water

Don’t worry, you don’t need a pond or a lake in your garden to be a good duck owner. A plastic water tub is sufficient for a domestic duck, as they only spend 10% of their time on water. But be sure to empty and refill regularly to ensure water remains free of mud and feathers. If they’ve had a tough day, you can always run them a nice bath and if they’re feeling lonely simply add in some rubber companions.


4.       Housing

They usually won’t put themselves to bed, so you will need to ensure you reach a bedtime routine which suits both your needs. Every duck is different, but if yours has trouble getting off to sleep, you may want to try reading to them, singing them a lullaby or gently stroking their feathers.


5.       Exercise

Domestic ducks are not good swimmers, so whilst they can swim the majority of their time is spent out of water. They also cannot climb, so their preferred exercise is a weekly waddle. Be sure to support your duck with their exercise goals, we suggest creating a waddle playlist for them to enjoy as they workout.


Please note this is a not an exhaustive list and is not to be taken seriously. We love ducks, but we’re much better at looking after the rubber kind!

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