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Bath to the Future: Teching up your bathroom

Bath to the Future: Teching up your bathroom

If you’re one of those people counting down the hours until the release of the next Star Wars film in May ‘17 or impatiently waiting for hoverboards to hit the mainstream market (wasn’t that supposed to happen last year already?) please, take a deep breath and get ready to scratch that futuristic itch.

Cutting-edge technology can satisfy all your desires for something clever, chic, and eye-catching, and the bathroom is the perfect place to start. With a few choice gadgets and fancy fixtures, you can transform your bathroom into something worthy of the Starship Enterprise.

Showering in the space-age

These tech-savvy shower solutions can add a little bit of excitement into your routine and turn that rush of water into an inventive experience. How better to make dragging yourself out of bed for a pre-work shower into the most invigorating experience possible?

With enough jazzy lighting to make your shower into an intergalactic disco, LED shower heads can add an extra element of sparkle and shine to the experience. The spherical design, chrome finish and LED lighting of the Luce 180 LED shower head make it a triple threat in terms of both modern design and bathroom technology.

If you want to take your disco to the next level, you can put yourself in the spotlight and turn your shower into centre stage with an LED Bluetooth option.

This high-tech bathroom gadget allows you to groove along to your favourite tunes while showering or pick up any unexpected calls from the most innovative of spaces. Check out our playlist to help get your vocal chords warmed up every day.

For the utmost luxury shower experience, consider the satisfaction of push button controls, an LED temperature dial and the option of water-saving eco mode.

A digital shower can offer you all of these things, topped off by the promise that you don’t have to leave the duvet to start things off. Many options are compatible with a one-touch remote control unit that can turn the water on from up to 10 meters away, making you feel like the commander of the universe (or at least the bathroom).

Who’s the savviest one of all?

Mirrors are a key feature in any bathroom, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t look good while helping you to look good too. Once again, the effect of LED can give your bathroom an ultra-modern feel while providing functional and flattering lighting by way of an illuminated mirror.

If you want something even more advanced, you can snap your fingers and light up your space with a motion sensor option and admire your smile in the extra-clarity of a demisted surface. Who’s that stylish futuristic genius? That’s you.


Get technical in the tub

If you never thought the words ‘horsepower’ and ‘bathroom’ would be used in the same sentence, think again. A whirlpool bath is the ultimate 21st century bathroom gadget, allowing you to incorporate a luxury, spa-like experience into your everyday lifestyle.

Tub sizes and the number of jet outlets vary, and so there are options to suit both small and large dimensions for the bathrooms of tech-trendy folk. In addition to relaxation and health benefits, they also provide you with the satisfaction of running your hands along the edge of the tub and declaring: This baby? 1.2 horsepower. I’m telling you, she runs like a dream. 

Transcendent tech: The waterproof TV

If we could, we would hire the Ghost of Bathrooms Past to take us back to our childhood and revisit the numerous times we sat, bored, in the tub. We would promise our younger selves that one day, in the not-too-distant future, there would come a day when the rubber duck could grab the popcorn and we could relax together, watching TV while indulging in a soak.

Well, bathers, that day has come.

Fulfil the dreams of your inner child with the most epic bathroom gadget: the waterproof TV. A heated screen to prevent misting, waterproof speakers, and simple, wall mountable installation all amount to guaranteed entertainment while you’re in the bath or shower.

Freeview tuner and HDMI capabilities provide the perfect opportunity to quickly catch the news before work or unwind over a feature length film after a long day. Marty McFly, eat your heart out.

In today’s technology-driven world, possibilities of design are ever growing and your bathroom is an ideal space to revel in the innovation. Whether you choose to add one modern feature or wholeheartedly embrace the sci-fi, one thing is for certain: the future is now, and it is in your bathroom. 


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