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Break the Blue Monday taboo: 5 ways to embrace blue in your bathroom


Break the Blue Monday taboo: 5 ways to embrace blue in your bathroom

In 2017, January 16th is Blue Monday – deemed the most depressing day of 2017. The experts say it’s the day when Christmas feels a distant memory and the next break from work is out of sight. When our New Year’s Resolutions have fizzled away, and when winter daylight savings, the weather and our motivation to do anything all seem to be working against us.

Rather than wallow in the blues, we think it's time to embrace them. Why not turn Blue Monday on it's depressing little head - after all, blue is the trend colour of 2017 and the theme for a host of beautiful bits and pieces that can brighten up for bathroom. It's time to cheer up and break the Blue Monday taboo.

18 Shades of Blue: Linens galore

Step out of the bath and into the blue. With towels in a wide variety of shades, ranging from light duck egg to darker denim, you can find a soft solution to warm up your January. Add a splash of vibrancy with an exotic colour like the green-blue tones of poolside or lagoon.

A darker shade like midnight will add a rich tone to your scheme, whereas a purple-ish shade like azure has a boutique appeal. If you still can’t get enough blue, finish off the look with a matching bath mat to tie your design scheme together.

1.       Under the sea: Shower curtains

You can escape the grey winter pallet by dropping a touch of marine scenery in your bathroom. Blue and green ombre brings a tropical vibe, whereas a blue mosaic-like print creates an irresistible Mediterranean effect. 

Alternatively, consider adding a subtle hint of colour and choose a white curtain that has blue detailing. Whether you opt for bold or stripped back, a touch of blue will instantly perk up your design scheme – and help you forget about the winter gloom.

2.       Sapphire sensations: Decorative accessories

When it comes to beating the January slump, adding a few accessories to a shelf or windowsill can go a long way.

If you’re looking for rich tones and layered detail, the House Doctor Lost Vase in blue and gold balances jewel-shades against a metallic top for a sharp and striking contrast. Nordal’s Blue Ring Vase is both delicate and elegant, with an art deco-like gold band, perfect for vintage and modern-style bathrooms alike. Similarly, the Crayon Blue Vase features a fun pop of colour to usher springtime in early.

If you want to up the ante, why not fill your new vase with flowers? (Preferably bluebells!)

3.       Blue fire: Warm up with candles

The combination of a warm flame and a blue holder makes Paddywax’s Blue Apothecary range an irresistible addition to any bathroom. Each one balances sharp scents with antique-inspired style blue glass, creating a vintage effect. Great if you have an Edwardian-inspired bathroom. 

For a boutique look, Boheme’s Jasmin & Bamboo candles come in a funky, patterned bowl with blue detailing, perfect for creating a mix-and-match theme across your bathroom scheme. Place them on the window ledge or near the mirror to give the effect of doubling the flames, and enjoy the flickering glow.

4.       Feel blue, feel good: Bath and body care

You’ve completed a few blue bathroom modifications, and made it part way through a hard January. Go the extra mile and treat yourself to some time in a luxurious bath. And why not choose a few blue accessories to allow yourself to truly indulge?

Crabtree and Evelyn’s La Source body wash takes inspiration from the sea, using natural ingredients to rejuvenate and restore your skin. On the same note, Heyland and Whittle’s Seaweed Soap provides a smooth, deep cleanse – and comes in a beautiful nautical box to finish off the effect in style.


Give ‘winter blues’ a whole new meaning and come out on top this Blue Monday. With a few small tweaks, you can refresh your bathroom and your mood, ready to take on the new year. If you want to branch out into other colours of the rainbow, learn how to add a splash of colour to your bathroom


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