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Candle-power: Using candles to enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom

Candle-power: Using candles to enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom

Whether you’re looking to create a touch of romance in your bathroom or completely escape into a night of bathtub therapy, the flickering light and warm glow of candles are the perfect ingredient for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

How do you choose the perfect candles to suit the mood in your bathroom? From the look to the smell and the overall presentation, we have a few tips to help you set the scene. 

The look

Beyond creating a pleasant ambience, candles can bring a stylish flair to your bathroom – even when they’re not lit.

With a vast range of designs to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect match to suit your taste:

  • If you have a traditional bathroom: Opt for candles that have a classic look. Creamy white models, in a variety of sizes, always look elegant. Look for candle in a glass designs for effortless simplicity.
  • If you have a shabby-chic bathroom: Candles can add earthy ambiance to a boho design scheme. Mix and match different colours and patterns – the Paddywax Boheme range includes a variety of fun and creative styles.
  • If you have an ultra-modern bathroom: Add some organic light to your contemporary bathroom. The metallic finish of the Foundry by Paddywax range has a sophisticated, industrial quality that really suits a modern bathroom.
  • If you have a boutique bathroom: It’s all about the details! Add a hint of fun with a pop of colour – the Max Benjamin range has a rainbow of choice, from creamy pastels to crayon-like hints.
  • If you have a vintage bathroom: Candles can be a key ingredient for creating a throwback atmosphere. Pair traditional candles with Paddywax’s antique-inspired Apothecary range to add vintage texture and colour to your décor scheme.


The scent

Scented candles can instantly transform the atmosphere of your bathroom, and choosing a specific aroma is like incorporating an invisible accessory.

  • Elegant scents for a traditional bathroom: Add luxurious scents to your bathroom: Max Benjamin’s French linen and Victorian Earl Grey are both vintage and classy – worthy of any gentlewoman’s powder room. 
  • Earthy scents for a shabby-chic bathroom: Bring the refreshing aromas of the great outdoors into your bathroom with natural, 
    • organic-inspired fragrances such as fig, vetiver, bamboo and green tea – all of which can be found in the Eco Green by Paddywax range.
  • Classic scents for a boutique bathroom: Heyland & Whittle’s range of classic scents includes feminine aromas like jasmine and lilac, wild lemongrass and cherry blossom, which are both pleasant and subtle: perfect for adding a layer of sweetness to a sophisticated design scheme.
  • Rustic scents for a vintage bathroom: Scent can trigger memory, and choosing musky, robust aromas like tobacco and patchouli or rosemary and sea salt can bring a sense of comfort and nostalgia to your bathroom. 


The presentation

Choosing the style and scent is only half the journey – deciding where and how to place candles in your bathroom is the final step to finishing off your ambient retreat.

  • Traditional bathroom – strength in numbers: Concentrate the glow and place candles in varying sizes next to each other on side tables, windowsills and ledges. Light one cluster of candles to create a low-key atmosphere, or let the whole room glow with multiple displays.
  • Shabby-chic bathroom – mix and match: Mix a selection of fun tealight holders with your candles and scatter them at varying heights around the room for an artistic and carefree effect. 
  • Ultra-modern bathroom – use your mirrors: Double the impact of your candles by placing them near a bathroom mirror. And in a modern washroom, the striking contrast of Nordal’s metal candle holders would look especially dramatic reflected in a mirror. Even on their own the holders can act like a piece of modern art.
  • Vintage bathroom – baskets and jars: Place your candles within larger, non-flammable accessories to create an antique-shop vibe in your bathroom. Wire baskets and glass jars make great holders for single and multiple candles, and can add a dramatic effect to the room with interesting shadows.
  • Boutique bathroom – nooks and crannies: Place single candles in different locations around your bathroom, such as near the basin and on top of storage units to add a flickering suggestion of cheer to every corner of the room. 

Candles are a great way to create an atmosphere that looks, feels and smells beautiful. Perfect for when you’re relaxing in the tub, or when you just fancy a cheerful boost, there’s definitely a candle – or a whole range of them – to suit the style of your bathroom!

P.S. A note about safety

Candles are a sure-fire way to bring warmth and serenity to your bathroom, but it’s important you use them carefully to avoid any dangerous mishaps:

  • Ensure they are out of reach of children and pets
  • Keep them away from flammable items
  • Don’t leave a live flame alone
  • For candles that aren’t in a container, keep an eye out for dripping wax

If candles aren’t an option for you, check out our range of fragrance diffusers to add style and scent to your bathroom.

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