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Finding a bathroom colour scheme that really works

Nowadays, white, white and… white tends to be the rule of thumb when it comes to picking sanitary ware that will stand the test of time. What’s more, white goes with everything, so your bathroom is a blank canvas for the colour scheme of your choice.

Choosing a bathroom colour scheme is exciting, but with the extensive range of colours available the process might become a little overwhelming. If you want to invite colour into the space, but you’re feeling anxious about where to start, here are our top tips for selecting colours to suit your style.

Pastels and patterns for traditional styles

Pastels are a great choice for most bathrooms, as the subtle hues bring warmth to the space and won’t date quickly either. Additionally, they are versatile; you can complement décor with a few colourful accessories to really tie the room together. A few potted plants around the space, for example, will bring bolder colour to the bathroom.

Soft pastels and off-whites can be a subtle and effective way to eliminate stark white walls in a traditional bathroom as they perfectly complement everything else in the space, making it bright and airy whilst also bringing warmth and serenity. Pale green shades and pastel blues are clean, fresh colours that invite a sense of light in the room, which work to complement the overall traditional aesthetic of the fittings.

Delicate patterns are also a great way to incorporate colour into a traditional bathroom. Natural stone tiles, such as this Belgravia Travertine tile, have a subtle marbled pattern throughout, whilst bringing a soft warmth to the space.

Alternatively, you can bring more vibrant colours into the space with a bolder patterned tile, such as this V&A Cobalt 9 Square. Mix and match with plain tiles to create a striking effect without being overwhelming.

Create warmth with white and wood

It’s common for many people to want to create a style that is charming and classic while also being able to stand the test of time and not date easily. White is such a popular choice because it simply never goes out of fashion.

Traditional cream tiles give a modern edge to any bathroom, but their simple design means they won’t date quickly. Pair these with white, off-white or a soft cream paint on the walls to create a bright and airy bathroom.

Additionally, there are lots of ways to invite temporary colour into the space without the permanency of painting and decorating. Accessories such as potted plants, flowers, vases and pictures go a long way to breaking up the white setting. You can switch these out whenever you like, replacing them with more modern alternatives to keep on-trend – making the style of your bathroom flexible and able to change with each passing trend or at any time you feel the space needs a fresh touch.

You might not consider furniture as part of your colour scheme, but wooden or coloured cabinets can add balance to a classic all-white bathroom. Naturally dark wood (such as walnut) can bring a touch of warmth to the space, whilst also acting as a focal point.

If you don’t have the space for bathroom furniture, consider using smaller accessories such as dark wicker baskets for storing toilet rolls and towels, making stylish décor out of your storage! These simple additions can bring just a touch of contrast to the space without being too overbearing.


Cool, colourful and contemporary

An edgy contemporary design will really come to life with the use of vibrant colours. If you’ve opted for partially tiled walls, then a bright, bold paint on the remainder of the wall can be very effective when combined with white or grey tiles, particularly in larger bathrooms. Midnight blues, teal and green add a splash of colour that works in harmony with monochrome tiles and furniture.

A colourful painted feature wall can completely transform the room, bringing colour to the space without making it feel too enclosed – particularly if your bathroom is a little on the small side. Bold colours such as pink or purple can add drama to the space, giving it a stylish, contemporary edge.

Alternatively, brighter colours, such as lime green, can give any contemporary bathroom zest, providing a clean, fresh and modern appearance. Cheerful yellow-painted walls can offset light or charcoal grey tiles, giving a modern edge to the space and adding a splash of colour.


Boutique boudoir

Creating a statement bathroom with a luxurious boutique hotel aesthetic relies on incorporating a range of deep, dark colours and textures. A monochrome and metallic (gold or silver) colour scheme can lead to some truly spectacular results. Similarly, tiles with a glossy finish can bring a sense of decadence to create a bathroom with a five-star hotel appeal.

Dark-coloured tiles on the floors and walls have a very dramatic effect, especially with ceiling and under-mount lighting creating reflections across the space. Glass shower doors and large mirrors can help to subtly reflect light around the room, creating a luxurious boutique-style bathroom.

Beauty is really in the details, when it comes to boutique bathrooms, so it’s worth considering accessories and furnishings too. A stylish glass vase can bring touch of sophistication to the space, whilst helping to create subtle reflections. Shimmering metallic accessories, such as a large jug or ornate metal vase, can be a real focal point and inject a touch of colour to the bathroom.

When searching for that perfect colour scheme for your bathroom the possibilities can really seem endless. White sanitary ware will match with any colour, so it’s really down to choosing a scheme that fits with your style of bathroom.

Tiles are a good place to start with any colour scheme, so it’s worth thinking about colours you’re going to match up with them. If you’re not confident about having a bold colour scheme, opt for something fairly neutral and incorporate colour through linens, soft furnishings, curtains and accessories.

To get started with your colour scheme, why not create a mood board to see what colours and textures you like the most, or, if you need more ideas, you can check out our Inspiration Gallery.

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