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Five brilliant ways to create a themed bathroom

If you are looking to decorate your bathroom to fit a particular theme, you can achieve a great effect with the fixtures, accessories, and colour scheme you choose.

You may choose something that fits the aqua theme of a bathroom, such as a beach, spa, or nautical style, or you may be looking at decorating your bathroom in the style of a certain location, such as cottage or city.

Whatever look you’re going for, it’s easy to find the right items to perfectly style your room. From the tiles to the bath and everything in between, we’ll show you how you can create the perfect theme in your bathroom.


Nautical but nice

Nautical but nice

Bathrooms go hand-in-hand with a nautical theme, so it’s no wonder that this is such a popular style. Anchors have made their way onto many a bathroom wall or curtain, and ship’s wheels are just as common.

In terms of the bathroom décor, you can easily achieve a nautical look with blue (or red) and white stripes. Whether you achieve this with tiles or paint, this will instantly transform the room.

Rope is another key nautical item, and can be used to hang your towels or pictures. White or wood-coloured furniture will complete the look, so you’ll feel like you’re sailing the seven seas whenever you climb aboard the HMS Bathtub.


Life’s a beach

Life’s a beach

Much like nautical, beach themes are perfect for bathrooms. There are similarities between the two, but if you want your bathroom to look as beachy as possible, there are a few different things you can try.

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunset over the beach, so you can recreate this effect when picking a colour scheme. If you’re looking to create a statement wall in your bathroom, find a picture of a sunset that you love the look of, and pick out the colours to create an ombré wall. It will be a real talking point for your visitors!

If you’d rather keep things a little more subtle, sandy colours are ideal for both the walls and the furniture – a light oak for your cabinets will be perfect. Decorate your shelves with seashells or pebbles, and ensure there is as much light as possible in the room to recreate the beautiful sunshine you enjoy at the beach.

If you want to browse some of our lighting solutions, take a look here. You can also try our Buyer’s Guide for all the advice and information you need!


City slicker

City Slicker

Now, we’ve already covered how you can create a beautiful cottage look in your bathroom, as well as a vintage Victorian décor, but what about a modern, city theme? Something sleek, shiny, and minimal will do the trick beautifully, and bold colouring is one of the ways to do it.

Black is a very popular colour in many modern bathrooms, whether on the walls, the tiling in the shower, or the fixtures themselves.

Monochrome with a splash of colour in the walls or cabinets will also create a very cool and current look, whilst wall-mounted furniture also sits well in contemporary living spaces.  

Wet rooms are becoming more and more common in modern suites, so for the ultimate city bathroom, create an open-plan design with a walk-in shower. These require very little maintenance, so if you’ve got the busy city lifestyle to match your bathroom décor, this could be the ideal shower solution.


Natural beauty

Natural beauty

Earthy tones can look really beautiful in a bathroom, so whether you’re looking at a deep, mossy green or a light almond beige, there are several ways to style your room with natural charm.

Various shades of wood will work perfectly in this style of bathroom. The Mino range has basin units in a number of wooden patterns to suit this look, and there are more furniture solutions in the Slant range to kit out the entire room in earthy shades.

In terms of colouring, there are plenty of tiles that will suit this look. Keep an eye out for the Richmond range for almond and olive tones to decorate your room.

For a gorgeous finishing touch, potted plants will bring your natural theme to life, and there’s no danger of you forgetting to water them in here! Aloe Vera, bamboo and spider plants all flourish in a bathroom environment, or for something more delicate and ornate, try some white or even pink orchids.


Sumptuous spa

Sumptuous spa

Marble is the name of the game here, from the tiles to the wash bowl. Golden shades and plenty of light will really transform your bathroom into a spa-like paradise.

The key to a spa bathroom, however, is a whirlpool bath. With enough jets to blast away the stresses of the day, this will be the perfect addition to a room made for rest and relaxation.

Baskets for storing your fluffy towels will really suit the theme, too, as well as plenty of candles to make the room feel extra indulgent, and give it a warm glow. For ways to make the most of your hard-earned tub time, take a look at our 10 steps to preparing a luxurious bath.


Whatever theme you’re looking to create in your bathroom, there are plenty of ways to style it exactly to your liking. From tiles and tubs, to accessories, plants and ornaments, there are endless options that allow you to customise your suite and transform it into the bathroom of your dreams!

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