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How to design a heavenly ensuite bathroom

Most bathrooms double up as a practical space, being a crucial part of your morning and evening routines, and as a place to relax, unwind and soak the troubles of a busy week away. Yet, there’s something so luxurious about an ensuite bathroom – a truly private space which typically doesn’t see the same amount of traffic as the family bathroom.

If you’re fixing up your existing ensuite, or planning to build one as a luxurious addition to the master bedroom, then follow our advice on how to transform this private space into your own paradise on earth.

Get the basics right

Before investing in those indulgent luxuries and accessories, it’s well worth getting the basics right first. Ensuite bathrooms tend to be on the small side, so incorporating a few design-savvy tricks to streamline the space will go a long way to creating a spacious and harmonious room that will stand the test of time.

Box in the pipework

Nothing makes for a less luxurious ensuite than unsightly pipework and plumbing, which can seem all the more incongruous in a compact space. Whether you’re in the midst of designing a new ensuite, or giving your existing space a revamp, consider boxing in the plumbing to hide the pipework and provide a smooth, streamlined room. This will also help to make the room look bigger, too.

Open up the space

This is especially important if your room is less than generously sized. Wall hung fittings, such as basins and toilets, increase the floor space by fixing to the wall – therefore creating the illusion of space.

Half pedestals for basins are also a good idea, as they are visually appealing whilst being a great space-saving solution.

Savvy storage

Storage space is a common conundrum in bathrooms large and small. Nothing disrupts the harmony of your relaxing bathroom like a jumble of shampoo bottles, cosmetics and cleaning products. The best way to avoid clutter is to include some clever storage solutions into your design.

This doesn’t necessarily mean squeezing additional furniture into the space (especially if there isn’t additional room left to play with), but clever shelving, corner cupboards, shelf racks and shower baskets are all nifty storage solutions to ensure everything has its place, without encroaching into the room.

A corner basin is an ideal way of fitting an essential item into a relatively small space. You can even create more storage room for yourself with an over-shower hook, where you can store a towel or robe without taking up much of the limited space.

For more ideas on creating smart storage solutions, check out our range of space-saving bathroom furniture.

Contemplate your colour scheme

Choosing the colour scheme for your ensuite can be tricky, as you don’t want to choose something that won’t complement the adjoining master bedroom or, worse still, will completely clash with the décor! However, that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to having the exact same colour in both rooms, but rather, choosing a style in one room that works in conjunction with the other.

Transforming your ensuite into your own private paradise means you’ll need to spend some time thinking about the décor as well as the design and layout of the room. Smaller spaces generally benefit from bright light colours – particularly if the room doesn’t have a window.

However, dark colour schemes are perfect for creating a boutique style bathroom, with a sense of luxury. A combination of dark colours and a large mirror can create a dramatic effect, allowing light to subtly reflect around the room without make the space feel small.

Tiles are especially good for creating this effect, and can also provide the opportunity to add a pattern to the décor of the room. They can also contribute to the overall style of your ensuite; for a spa-like elegance, for example, the Kensington range might be perfect, whereas the Bayswater Mosaic range could be ideal for creating a brighter, more playful ensuite.

To bath or not to bath? That is the question…

The question of including a bath, a shower, or both can bring bathroom planning to a halt, even for those who are certain they know what they want, and it can be quite the head-scratcher when it comes to planning an ensuite too.

To help you decide, consider what you’re going to get the most use out of. If you’re more of a shower person, your ensuite can be a stylish shower space, affording you the luxury of being able to roll out of bed and jump straight into the shower without leaving the bedroom.

Alternatively, if you want your ensuite to be a little slice of heaven, where you can soak in the tub before going to bed – and you can afford the space – then a bath is most likely your preferred option. A smaller bath could be the perfect solution in this case; some baths are available measuring as little as 1.4 metres in length, so you can enjoy the luxury of a bath in your ensuite without it taking up too much room.

Of course, if the size of the bathroom allows for both a separate shower enclosure and tub, then you can have the best of both worlds. If you haven’t got the space for both, but would like the option of having a bath in your ensuite, a stylish shower bath is probably the ideal solution.

An alternative to both a traditional bath and shower is a wet room, which is a style that an increasing number of people are choosing for their ensuites.

Be clean and organised

There’s one simple rule to follow if you want your ensuite to be a perfectly calming space and that is to keep it clean and organised. Storage solutions are a big help in terms of keeping clutter to an absolute minimum (paradise isn’t a place for half empty shampoo bottles), but there are a few other things you can do to get that five-star hotel vibe…

Get your towels in order

A towel rack or heated towel rail is well worth the investment to keep your towels in order. Not only will this give you a place to store your towels, but using a rail or rack allows them to dry fully between uses – much more so than simply hanging them.

Additionally, racks and rails are an ideal storage solution, fixing to the wall rather than taking up precious floor space, and looking much more stylish than hanging on the back of the door.

Whether you want something to fill a big space on your wall or something petite to house a single hand-towel, we’ve got a range of options available here at bathstore, such as heated towel rails and smaller racks and rails to suit any size bathroom.

Organise shampoos

Cosmetics, soaps and lotions are a necessity in the bathroom, but it isn’t long before the various bottles stack up, causing clutter on every available surface. Be organised about the products you need easy access to and put the rest away.

Shower racks and shelves are great for storing your shower and bath products, without littering surfaces such as the side of the bath (or the shower floor!).

Invest in high quality, fluffy bath towels

There’s nothing worse than getting out of the tub or shower feeling relaxed and revived only to dry yourself off on the thread remains of a towel that really has seen better days. While not technically part of your ensuite design, luxuriously fluffy bath towels will add to your spa-like ensuite experience!

From design and décor to the all-important finishing touches, there are loads of ways to turn your ensuite into a private and relaxing retreat, with all the visual appeal of a five-star boutique hotel!

You can find more advice about what to consider when designing you ensuite bathroom in this article from our bathroom suites buyer’s guide.

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