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How to make the most of a weirdly shaped bathroom

Nothing throws a spanner in your bathroom redesign quite like an awkwardly shaped room. The window is in the wrong place, the sloping ceiling and alcoves cause confusion, and there simply isn’t the space to get all the fittings you need into one space and leave plenty of room to open the door.

But before you tear up your plans and resign yourself to sticking with the tired old suite and boring layout you’ve had for years, check out our expert advice on making those annoying corners and awkward angles work for you.

Work with what you have

The best way to battle the bad layout is to make the space you have work for you. You’re never going to have a perfectly square bathroom (that’s, quite literally, a pipe dream), so put the perfectly shaped bathroom out of your mind.

The odd shape need not be a hindrance, however. You can use the awkward elements of your space to make your bathroom something much more interesting and unique than all those well-proportioned washrooms.

Off the wall

The biggest problem with unconventional bathrooms is working with the wall space – especially if your walls are at varying angles. If you want to give priority to your toilet, basin and other fittings, then why not free up some room by opting for underfloor heating rather than radiators or heated towel rails?

This way, you’ll be able to sufficiently heat the room without cluttering up precious wall space. What’s more, you’ll be able to step out of the shower and onto a nicely warmed floor (rather than scampering across the cold tiles to grab your towel).

If you’re interested in finding out more about underfloor heating read our dedicated guide!

Different doors

If you don’t have a particularly generously sized bathroom (or if the shape of your room is so awkward that leaving enough space for a door opening impinges on the rest of your design), then it might be worth doing away with the swinging door – although, we’re not by any means suggesting removing the door completely.

The bathroom is the one place in the house you’re going to need some privacy, but where a hinged door might encroach on the space a sliding panel or folding door will do the trick without having much effect on the rest of the room.

Go minimalist

One way to get around the fuss-filled design conundrums of an awkwardly shaped bathroom is to go completely minimalist and do away with the bath and shower enclosure completely. If you can get away with not having a tub (if you don’t need one for washing the kids, the dog or anything else that unwillingly needs the occasional dunk), but you’re having trouble finding a place for the shower enclosure, then a stylish spa-like wet room could make a luxurious alternative.

Shower vs. bath

Similarly, if you find that your awkwardly shaped bathroom cannot accommodate a separate tub and shower enclosure, and you’re tying yourself up in knots over which option to go for, then a shower-bath is an excellent compromise.

If you generally have more showers, but like the occasional swim in the tub – or if you just don’t want to risk having a tub-less house, a shower-bath gives you the best of both worlds.

You can browse our shower baths here.

Sloping ceilings

Sloping ceilings can be just as problematic as angled walls – more so if you’re someone who’s on the taller end of the height spectrum. One way to win with your bathroom design is to place the bath beneath the lowest part of the ceiling.

Because you’ll be sitting, laying and generally reclining in the bath, you don’t necessarily need too much space above the tub. This frees up the rest of the bathroom so that the shower enclosure can be placed in the part of the bathroom where the ceiling is at its highest.

Accessorising the alcoves

Don’t be troubled by the nooks and crannies in your bathroom, as these can easily be transformed into excellent storage spaces. Alcoves are the ideal spot for placing shelves to store everything from toiletries and towels to books (because who doesn’t love a little light bath time reading?).

If storage really isn’t proving to be too much of an issue, then get creative and make a feature out of your alcove. A little spotlighting and some accessories, such as artwork or a vase of fresh flowers, really add a touch of panache to the space.

Looking for more ideas on how to remodel your weirdly shaped bathroom? Check out this article in our buyer’s guide. 

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