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How to wash your towels

How to wash your bath towels

There’s nothing quite as cosy as the warm hug of a soft, fluffy towel after a luxurious bath or shower.

By following a careful maintenance and washing routine, you can keep your towels in quality condition and enjoy their welcoming hugs for years to come!

Our guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to wash your towels, as well as tips and tricks about what to avoid when caring for your bathroom linens.


How often should I wash my towels?

The warm, humid bathroom is an ideal environment for germs and bacteria, which means it’s important to wash your towels frequently, as they are such an important part of our daily routine.

Experts recommend washing bath sheets and towels after using them no more than three times. As we use face and hand towels more often, they should be replaced or washed at least every other day. 

In order to maintain optimum hygiene, you should wash towels at a warm temperature – 60°C or higher.


It’s also a good idea to wash new bath linens before you first use them – this will help to set the colour, reduce lint and improve absorbency. Typically, it takes several washes before new towels will reach their full level of absorbency and fluffiness.

Towel washing tips and tricks

There are several things you can do to keep your bath linens in a fresh condition so you maintain that ‘new towel’ feeling for a really long time!

How to…

·         … keep them colourful: Wash your coloured towels with a ‘colour’ washing powder and keep them away from sunlight.

·         … keep them white: Wash white and neutral coloured towels with a white-only load, to prevent dye from bleeding through.

·         … keep them fresh: Add one cup of distilled vinegar to your towel load each month, to improve absorbency and combat mustiness.

·         … keep them soft: Dry them with textured dryer balls on a low heat setting in the tumble dryer.

If you want to make sure your towels last to see you through many showers, baths and other routine moments, there are a few things you should steer clear of:

·         Don’t use fabric softeners: Though it might sound counter-intuitive, fabric softeners will actually make your towels stiff by leaving residue behind and reducing absorbency.

·         Don’t wipe off products: Toothpaste, make-up, haircare and skincare products can leave smudges and bleach spots, staining your towels.

·         Don’t bundle them up: Leaving towels scrunched up can ruin their texture and freshness – be sure to dry them properly after each use. 

How to dry your towels

Just as washing is important for maintaining quality and hygiene, drying out your towels is essential for keeping them clean and fresh.

Shake them out after use or after taking them out of the washing machine, to help them stay fluffy and soft.

When hanging towels to dry, spread them out fully and keep them fully exposed in a well-ventilated space so they can dry completely – make sure they don’t overlap!

By integrating these tips and tricks into your washing routine, you can make sure your towels stay wholesome and soft. Washing them regularly and drying them properly will help to keep them in prime condition, always ready to add an extra bit of comfort to your day! 

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