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Mother-in-law day: Bathroom-inspired gifts to show your appreciation

Regardless of whether your relationship with your other half’s mother is smooth and effortless, or you’ve had a few bumps in the road, with the fourth Sunday in October dedicated to mother-in-law day it’s the perfect time to show her you appreciate all she does for you and your family.

This year, use your bathroom as the centre of your efforts on October 23rd. Discover our top gift ideas below, so you can build the kind of relationship that will really come in handy when you have to reconcile recipes this coming holiday season. 

Shower her with gifts

Go beyond the typical chocolates and gift voucher this year and give your mother-in-law something she will truly be able to indulge in.

 Divine dressing gowns: There are few things that can contest the lavish comfort of a soft bathrobe. Make your mother by marriage feel like a goddess with a luxurious dressing gown. Choose a style that suits her, whether it’s sophisticated, velvety black velour or the quirky floral print of Pip Studio’s fantasy range, and give her the extravagance she deserves.

Pristine pampering: Nobody can resist scented body lotions or soaps, and if there’s anyone who should be pampered this October, it’s your mother-in-law! From delicate florals to tropical fruits, you can find an option that pairs with her personality, so she can enjoy a hint of luxury every day.

Not just any old flowers: It’s always nice to receive flowers, but you can take the sentiment up a notch by delivering a houseplant in an impressive vase that your mother-in-law can add to her bathroom to create that all-important luxurious feel. Choose a plant that will thrive in the moist bathroom environment, such as an orchid or fern, and pair it with a vase to match – whether she’s into contemporary art or has a soft spot for an antique finish, opt for a style that will sit proudly on her windowsill. 

Invite her round

It might be a regular occurrence in your household or a rare event akin to a Royal tour – either way, inviting your mother-in-law over for a special visit is a thoughtful and personal way to celebrat

e mother-in-law day.

Guest of honour:
Regardless of how long she’s staying for, make sure to kit your guest bathroom out so that mum-number-two feels as though she’s truly the guest of honour. In addition to essentials, such as sparkling-clean surfaces, fresh towels and new toiletries, add a few extra bits just for her. Bath salts, luxe lotions and fresh flowers will truly make her feel like an elite visitor.  

Spa treatment:
Organise a home-spa day for her – it’s the perfect opportunity to create some nice memories and spoil yourselves at the same time! From invigorating face masks to glamorous pedicures, you can give yourselves an A-list treatment from the convenience of your own bathroom. 

The ultimate bath: If there’s one thing that’s better than a relaxing bath, it’s having someone lovingly prepare it for you. Give your mother-in-law the break she deserves and make her one of our recipes for a soothing soak.

Set a spa-like atmosphere with scented candles and soothing music, and leave her to relax for as long as she needs. (Take a mental note of what you’ve arranged, in case you need to unwind once her visit is over!)

Spend some quality time together: You might already be good friends, or you may hardly know each other at all. Either way, make an effort to do something special with your Mother-in-law. Get the whole family together to show how much you love her and appreciate all she does for you, from being an on-call childcare provider to raising your other half to be the (almost) perfect person that they are!

Treat her to an indulgent gift, spoil her with spa-like attention and plan a family activity to show her just how special she is. Whatever you do, be sure to make the most of your time together this mother-in-law day – it’s a chance to strengthen your relationship and make your other half’s mother feel truly appreciated. 

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