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Revive your bathroom with a Moroccan-inspired design

Ornate patterns and bold colours can breathe new life into your bathroom. If you're after a design that breaks away from the norm, why not consider a touch of Moroccan panache for your space?

With a few simple creative ideas and some all-important finishing touches, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat reminiscent of a luxurious Moroccan getaway! From choosing the right tiles, to using a range of contrasting textures, we’ve got all the design tips you need.

Be creative with colour

Bold and vibrant colours are the key to unlocking your bathroom’s Moroccan potential. The great thing about creating this style is the range of colours you can include in your palette, from yellows and oranges to blues and greens – anything goes!

Bold colours such as terracotta and blue work well together, creating a look that’s instantly recognizable. If you’re worried that too many colours could be a little overwhelming in your space, then you can use two or three variants of the same shade.

Blue, indigo and purple can create a simple yet elegant look, reminiscent of a Moroccan spa or wash room. Alternatively, warm colours such as orange, yellow, and red along with earthy hues create a deeper, warmer space.

Use mosaic and patterned tiles

Mosaic tiles

Nothing brings a sense of indulgence to your space quite like ornately patterned or mosaic tiles. A beautifully decorated tile can bring just a splash of colour to the space, without being overwhelming.

This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a fresh, clean and contemporary style bathroom, as the mosaic tiles bring accents of colour into the design. This results in a smart, sophisticated look, with just enough life to give a subtle hint of Morocco!

Mosaics come in a range of colours, from subtle greys to bright blues, which can really add drama to your space, even if you don’t want to commit to the full Moroccan aesthetic. Check out the range of colours in our mosaic tile collection for more inspiration. 

Hoxton patterned tiles

However, if you’re looking to create a bold and authentic design, then a combination of patterns and colours in your tiles in a stunning patchwork layout truly evokes the iconic Moroccan style. Need proof? Browse our Hoxton range of tiles.

Use a variety of textures 

A variety of textures

Moroccan design is all about contrasting textures. In addition to using a variety of colours and patterns, you can bring the space alive by using different textures too. You can do this with soft furnishings such as towels, bathroom linens and even an embroidered shower curtain – particularly if you put your towels on display.

Accessorising with potted plants will work too, as well as adding a splash of natural colour. Using earthy terracotta pots is especially evocative of a rustic Moroccan style, whilst the addition of some green plant-life can give your bathroom a sunny, Mediterranean vibe.

Creating ambiance

You can make a more luxurious Moroccan-style bathroom by incorporating reflective surfaces and metallic accessories. A stunning mirror with an intricate metallic frame, such as our Antique Gild mirror, will not only help in reflecting light around the room, but will make an elegant accessory, too.

Include some brass features and accessories, such as vases, dishes and jugs to give a look that’s sophisticated and reminiscent of the exotic spas of Morocco. These will look particularly elegant if you’ve opted for a striking colour scheme, such as indigo.

Create ambience with shimmering tiles

Alternatively, you can create something dramatic by using shimmering wall tiles such as our Studio Conran Hartland mosaic tiles (as shown in above image), to give a truly luxurious finish.


Moroccan style is all about making a bold statement using vibrant colours and contrasting textures. Mosaic and patchwork tiles are a great way to bring a splash of colour, but you can opt for less striking shades if you’re going for a more subtle style.

Reflective surfaces will give a more luxurious look reminiscent of a North African spa, and you can create this look using shimmering tiles or even simply accessorising the room with ornate jugs, bowls and vases.

Moroccan-design is incredibly versatile, so there are lots of options whether you want a bold and bohemian Moroccan feel or something more understated – the choice is yours!

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