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Stay positive in your bathroom with feng shui

Stay positive in your bathroom with feng shui

We often take it for granted, but the bathroom is one of the first places we visit after waking up, before heading out the door, when we get in after a long day and before going to bed. So what impact does the energy of your bathroom have on your life?

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, we have put together some suggestions for how you can improve the feng shui in your bathroom. These simple tips can help you to transform the energy in your space, so that every visit to the loo will contribute to the positivity in your life and home.

 Feng shui and the bathroom

Feng shui centres on the concept of the organisation of a room in relation to the flow of energy, or chi. From a traditional feng shui perspective, bathrooms are often associated with negativity: water is closely affiliated with chi, and because of the many drains in a typical bathroom, it is a space where energy is symbolically being continuously extracted and expelled.

However, there are many ways to counteract this, using different features, colours and textures to create harmony and restore the good vibes.

Adding features to balance energy


According to feng shui practice, adding certain features to your bathroom can help to redirect the energy flow and maintain a positive atmosphere in your space. Incorporating mirrors is a good way to offset energy exhaustion and encourage confidence and happiness. They should be placed in a location where they will reflect natural light around the room.

If your bathroom is in a dark or tucked-away part of your home, adding crystals can help to absorb negativity and emulate light. Hanging one from the ceiling is meant to encourage energy to flow upwards, offsetting the tendency for it to escape through the drains.

Tidiness and order are important factors in creating good feng shui, as a disorganised space can create stress and represents a chaotic state of mind. As a typically small room that is often used by many people in quick succession, there are many places in a bathroom that can become quickly muddled – think haphazard toothbrushes, bunched up towels, and soap in the strangest of places.

Integrating simple features can help to prevent disorder and encourage a structured daily routine: shelves, hooks and rails in the correct places can create a world of a difference in controlling the morning hurricane, helping to maintain consistent composure in your bathroom.

Fundamentals for serenity

With only a few simple additions, you can create a tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom, transforming it into a mini-retreat where you can seek relief and unwind while also promoting it as a source of positivity in your home.

Accessories such as candles and gently scented oils alleviate tension and pressure, contributing to a peaceful ambiance. Adding artwork that encourages relaxing thoughts, such as nature scenes or photographs that elicit positive memories, can also increase the chi in your bathroom.

Music is an integral part of feng shui, and having access to your favourite tunes whilst in the bathroom can boost your mood and provide a source of emotional release, as well as help to promote a calm atmosphere.

Looking for a show-stopping bathroom playlist? Take a look at our favourite songs for a soak!

Chi ingredients: Colour and texture

The principles of feng shui are based on the balance of five basic elements: wood, fire, earth, water and metal. Different colours, shapes and textures represent each of the elements, and the integration of each is key to achieving positivity in a space.

Because a bathroom is strongly associated with the water element, feng shui practice recommends adding colours and textures from the other four elements to counterbalance the effect. Incorporating wooden features is said to help absorb the power of water and stabilise energy.

Colours such as light greens, blues and yellows represent earth, and help to promote nourishment, whereas splashes of white or grey (representing metal) and red (representing fire) can help to refresh and cleanse a space.

Integrating coloured tiles is a simple and consistent way to use colour and texture to create a positive balance by incorporating different influences from each of the elements.

By integrating a few simple features into your bathroom, you can help to transform your space and encourage balance in one of the most commonly-used rooms in the house. Don’t let the positivity drain away! 



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