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Top tips for a glamorous girly bathroom

All the best aspects of a bathroom are typically associated with girliness and glamour, from the fruity smells of indulgent bubble baths to the cosy feeling that only comes from having a really fluffy bath mat under your toes. What better way to create a luxurious bathroom space than by making it ultra-feminine?

To make your bathroom an absolute haven, there are a number of tricks you can try out on your décor, lighting and even your fixtures. Take a look through our suggestions to see if you can inject some girly glamour into your bathroom.

1.      Theme

There are certain themes that can add a real feminine flair to any bathroom. Parisian chic is very popular, with Coco Chanel’s elegant simplicity lending itself well to a classic bathroom design. Try a freestanding bath tub with cast iron feet to achieve this look, along with a dynamic colour scheme (don’t worry, we’ll come to that later)!

Grecian can be another opulent and glamorous theme, which would work really nicely with marble fixtures, such as tiles or a marble wash bowl.

For a completely different style, lights around your mirror will contribute to an Old Hollywood theme; LED mirrors are a great way to create this style in a slick, modernised way.

Shabby chic has been amongst the most popular trends in home décor for a few years now. With a few ‘period’ fixtures – such as traditionally styled cabinets like the ones in our Savoy range – you can create this look while still maintaining functionality in the room.

To satisfy your inner child, a mermaid theme could be perfect! The bathroom is the ideal space for such a design, with watery shades and ocean accessories (shells on the shelves, for example) complementing the practicality of your space flawlessly. A wet room would be perfect for this theme, giving your bathroom the air of a luxurious hidden lagoon!

2.      Colour

Add colour to your girly bathroom

Colour and theme are very closely linked; picking these wisely can transform your bathroom into a girly paradise.

Shabby chic often works beautifully with pastel colours, so why not tile your bathroom’s floor and walls (either fully or partially), picking a delicate shade to make it a space that is both glamorous and practical?

Alternatively, painting the walls, your cabinets or even the exterior of your bath (!) in a pastel yellow, purple or green can add a beautiful, feminine touch to the space.

Tip: Always check that your bath can be painted before getting out your brushes! Our Landmark bath is paintable, so if you’re looking for a customisable tub, this might be your best bet.

For Parisian or Hollywood-themed bathrooms, striking colours are a must, typically offset by a monochrome base. A statement wall is a great way of injecting a splash of colour, so try a bold red or yellow to create a dynamic edge in your girly bathroom. An alternative is a bold shower head; our Tronico range lets you choose a bright shade, throwing some personality into your design as well as colour.

Even the smallest accessories can help you create the perfect colour scheme. Whatever your shade of choice, pick out matching items such as towels, mats and curtains. This approach works whether you want to be subtle or bold, allowing you to get your girly design exactly right.


3.      Storage and shelving

Having room to store all your lotions, potions and products is vital, but you can also use these to create your girly design. Baskets will work nicely, especially if you’re after a shabby chic style. Stacked-on shelves or hung from your walls can be a useful way of storing your essentials, like your makeup or hair straightener.

Speaking of makeup, if you’re keeping it in your bathroom then you can make this into a girly design statement. We’ve previously suggested that makeup in your bathroom is best stored in a box or cabinet, so let this be a real feature in your bathroom by having a dedicated makeup cabinet; a mirrored one above the basin would be ideal!

Bubble baths are pretty glamorous, so if you’ve got tonnes of bubbly products, show them off with some clever storage ideas. A cake stand is a compact and handy way to store smaller bottles and bath bombs; these can fit atop most cabinets or units with ease.

If you’ve got the right space in your bathroom, a wine rack is a great way to store larger bottles of bubbly – for baths, that is, not champagne!

Vertical wine racks are typically quite narrow, so they can be really handy for using up the tricky space in between units that you couldn’t quite figure out what to do with. This is a storage solution that could work in both larger and smaller bathrooms. If you want to make this a bit of a statement piece, a horizontal rack to lie on top of the unit will work just as well.


4.      Lighting

Glamorous chandelier

Having lights installed around a mirror can be a glamorous touch that can suit bathrooms of any shape or size. Here at bathstore we have a range of illuminated mirrors, some of which also have demister pads, providing a solution for vanity as well as lighting, whilst ultimately being really practical, too.

This style of lighting is also perfect for doing your makeup, framing your face to eliminate shadows.

Few things say ‘girly glamour’ more than chandeliers. A decadent ceiling light evokes the feeling of a grand ballroom, not to mention all the stylish hairdos and dresses that go with it. What better way to make your bathroom feel really elegant and feminine?


5.      Curtains

Add femininity with curtains

If your bathroom has a window, you may want to invest in some curtains – this is an opportunity to add femininity to the room. Sheer, light fabrics and ruffled designs will flow really nicely if there’s even the slightest breeze. These can also contribute to your colour scheme.


6.      Super-fluffy

Both towels and bath mats are best when they are fluffy. The feeling of wrapping yourself up in a toasty, cosy towel after a shower is unbeatable, as is stepping out of the tub onto a thick, soft bath mat. These small touches can boost the glamour in any bathroom, making the space that little bit more indulgent.


7.      Candles

From tea lights dotted around the edge of the bath to elegant candlesticks on the shelves, candles can add both light and femininity to a bathroom. The right scent will also contribute to the girly feel – something fruity or floral could work perfectly!

Tip: Jars are a perfect way of storing your candles safely.

Whether you want to keep things delicate with pastels and baskets, or go bold with statement patterns and chandeliers, there are many simple ways to create the glamorous, girly bathroom of your dreams. However you interpret ‘girliness’ or ‘glamour’, the perfect fixtures, shades and accessories are available to make something that is visually stunning, yet still as practical as possible.


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