Looking for tips on how to spruce up your bathroom or need décor ideas for a swift makeover? The bathstore blog is full of handy hints and tips for everything bathroom-related. Whether you’re remodelling a small en-suite or need design ideas for a new wet room, you’ll find it all right here!

Designing a Victorian bathroom

We run through everything you need to design your own Victorian bathroom with some styling hints and tips to get your creative juices flowing; before long, you’ll be bathing like it’s 1888, albeit a little cosier.

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Tub Talk Four: The Lagoon

This time, I've had the pleasure of testing Lagoon freestanding bath. Merely uttering the words sends a warming shiver down my spine. For over a year I have been trawling the galaxy in search of the ultimate bathing experience.

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10 steps to preparing a luxurious bath

If you have an especially busy lifestyle, an indulgent soak in the tub may be a luxury you can only afford once in a blue moon, so it needs to be perfect. Follow our 10 top tips on how to guarantee a luxurious bathing experience.

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How to add a splash of colour to your bathroom

Whilst the majority of us associate the perfect bathroom with cleanliness and serenity... there's nothing wrong with a splash of colour to add a touch of drama and character to your dream suite, and this doesn’t necessarily mean redecorating either.

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5 ways to kick start your morning

If it’s true that the first 60 minutes influence the rest of the day, then maybe it’s time to look for a routine that doesn’t involve hiding under the covers. So if you’re like the rest of us, then check out our top-five tips to kick-start your morning.

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Choosing the right basin for a small bathroom

If you’ve got a bathroom that’s a little limited on space, then don’t worry.  When it comes to basins, you’ll want something that’s large enough to be practical, but small enough to not overwhelm the room. Thankfully, there are a number of tips and tricks...

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10 tips to spruce up your bathroom

Even the most stylish space struggles to survive against years of persistent use. So if you’re feeling a tad disheartened with the state of your bathroom, then we’ve got ten top tips to help you spruce it up!

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