Bathroom Furniture Collections

Noir Collection

Introducing: Noir – the design of darkness. Inspired by classic interior designs and architecture, create dramatic bathroom themes with two stunning furniture styles alongside matt black brassware and fittings.

Perfect for bold, modern spaces, Noir gives you the freedom to unite your bathroom space with monochromatic metals and warm wooden finishes, from taps to basins and shower heads. Yet within the one collection, 

you can choose from two distinctly different looks – Craft’s mid-century styles or Frame’s fierce architectural forms.

Noir Frame

The pinnacle of simplicity in structure – Noir Frame furniture stays true
to the Bauhaus principles of architecture and interior design for a
beautifully bold style. Because of its neutral nature, Noir’s black
framework offers a foreground focus that can work with almost any
colour style – from warm woods to rich greens and beyond. Want to
maximise Noir’s natural versatility? Focus on flooring and wall effects
with a glossy finish, lending a stylish sheen to reflect and enhance the
finishes. Alternatively, spice up your colour’s strength and saturation to
soften the matt black shade and create a more balanced bathroom effect.

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Noir Craft

A love-letter to soft, industrial spaces – Noir Craft furniture offsets strong
black metal finishes with textured wood tones for added warmth.
Contrast is king here, pairing the rustic earth tones of Craft’s caramel-
walnut furniture with smooth Carrara marble. Creating an airier space?
Craft furniture’s neutral earth tone textures are the perfect way to lend
some light to your space – especially when paring back your room’s
overall colour palette.

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