Bathroom planner

Your dream bathroom begins here. Our free online planner enables you to design and plan your space. 

Work within your budget with the shown pricing and a shopping list of products. 

Book your free design consultation where our City & Guilds trained consulatants can review and finalise your bathroom plan. 

Before you start...

Using the planner

1. Design options

If you would like to start with a blank space to fully personalise and plan your bathroom,
select 'Design Myself'.

Select 'Guide Me To A Bathroom' if you would like to select a predesigned room.

With either option you can plan your space and add or change products.

2. Floor plan

Here you will be able to customise your space.

Enter your room shape and dimensions.

Use the icons on the left-hand side to add any doors, windows or obstacles.

3. Personalise

Once you have your floor plan finalised, click 'Edit Design' to add or change products. Move items around as desired and even
view your design in 2D or 3D.

You can save or print your plan and view a pricing breakdown and shopping list.

You can book a free design consultation at any point from within the online bathroom planner, or use the button below.
Book your free design consultation

Frequently asked questions

For the best experience, you will need...


The planner is optimised on a desktop or tablet. It can be used on a mobile, however, your interaction will be limited.

Internet connection

30Mbps or higher

Recommended system requirements

8GB of system memory or higher.
Latest chrome or safari browser.
IOS version 13 or higher (for iPads).
Google Android v10 or higher (for Android devices)