bathstore reveals state of the nation on water consumption ahead of world environment day

London, June 5th:

  • Millennials (aged 25–34) are the most water conscious age group.
  • Gen Z (aged 18–24) spend the most time in the shower and are the most guilty of spending more than 15 minutes under the water.
  • Baby boomers waste the most water, using the hosepipe more than once a week. 


bathstore has today revealed the state of the nation's water consumption and conservation, with the South West of England coming out as the most conscious when it comes to water usage. Londoners have been found guilty as the biggest spenders on bottled water, as well as when washing their fruit and veg.

Despite the London insights, bathstore's data in fact shows that the 'typical Brit' is reassuringly conscious of their daily water usage. The water audit reveals various areas in which we Brits score particularly well, with 67% of the nation claiming to shower for 10 minutes or less on a daily basis, and 84% using a hosepipe sparingly, only once every couple of months or less.

The Savers

The report highlights the most water conscious regions in the UK, with the South West, North West and West Midlands coming out on top, as the most conservative with their water usage. The South West scored especially highly with 33%, classified as 'very water conscious'.

The top three water-saving regions are:

  1. South West England (30% of people classified as very water conscious)
  2. North West (21% of people classified as very water conscious)
  3. West Midlands (21% of people classified as very water conscious)


The Wasters

The study also reveals exactly where we waste water as a nation, with 65% of us letting the tap run cold before taking a drink, and 35% of us "always' or usually' running the tap for the entirety of the time it takes to brush our teeth or shave.

As a city, London proved itself incredibly wasteful, with 20% of people classified as totally unaware of their water usage. They were also revealed to be showering for longer, leaving the tap on longer, and buying more bottled water than any other region.

bathstore prides itself on using innovative technology to provide its customers with every possible opportunity to conserve water in the bathroom. The latest data highlights the areas in which we as a nation can focus our efforts, ahead of World Environment Day on 5th June.



Data on specific regions available on request.


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