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Bathe in glory

Bathe in glory

We design baths for everyone and every bathroom - the choice is unrivalled with over 80 options including single-ended, double-ended and freestanding baths, corner baths, shower baths and traditional roll tops.

All are guaranteed for 10 years (with the exception of Whirlpool spa baths which are guaranteed for 5 years) so you'll be bathing in glory for a long time.




bathstore bath craftsmanship and design

Craftsmanship & design

Our baths are crafted from the best quality acrylic, single cast Touchstone™ or 3.5mm 'supersteel'. We also offer a choice of Thermaform™ designs that keep water warmer for longer.

We make every bath as deep as possible for a more luxurious, relaxing bathing experience. As always, attention to detail goes hand-in-hand with cutting edge design.






Buying contemporary baths


Modern baths are all about sleek, smooth lines. This Trend freestanding bath is a perfect example of a contemporary design with a stylish edge.

This deep, freestanding bath looks effortlessly cool in any modern bathroom, thanks to the wraparound panel to hide unsightly pipes and plumbing. 







Buying traditional baths


Based on original 100-year-old designs, our roll top baths are made from solid stone resin fully encapsulated in acrylic.

Not only does this luxurious, freestanding bath easily make a sophisticated centrepiece in any traditional style bathroom, but its solid design means that it's also built to last.

Deep and steep-sided, these roll top baths offer a fantastic bathing experience.





Buying single or double ended baths



Single versus double-ended

It's a simple choice - do you want a single-ended bath in which you can stretch out with the plughole by your feet, or a double-ended bath with a central waste that's great for sharing? We offer both, naturally.







Our baths explained...

Steel baths

The strongest steel

Our steel baths are made in Germany from 3.5mm ‘supersteel’ and are widely regarded as the highest quality steel baths in Europe.

Stronger than acrylic, resin or even cast iron, steel baths also retain colour extremely well. In fact, so confident are we of their longevity they come with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty*. 

*Form plus bath is 2.5mm and is covered by the standard bathstore guarantee of 10 years.

Easy clean Lucite acrylic

Easy-clean Lucite® acrylic

All our acrylic baths are built with a rigid, fully encapsulated base for maximum stability and


We also use high quality Lucite® acrylic which feels wonderfully warm to the touch and has a silky smooth, non-porous surface that is very easy to clean.

The Lucite® acrylic is also damage resistant and any chips or scratches can be easily repaired, meaning your tub will look as good as new for years to come!






Energy saving Thermaform baths

Energy saving Thermaform™

Save energy, save money. At bathstore we bring you state-of-the-art bathroom technology in our most energy saving acrylic, Thermaform™, which is 60% more thermally efficient than standard acrylic baths.

Because Thermaform™ retains heat so well, you can soak in comfort for a lot longer. It is also thicker than normal acrylic – tap it and you’ll hear a reassuringly solid ‘thunk’.






Touchstone baths

The beauty of Touchstone™

Touchstone™ is a thermally efficient stone resin that can be solid cast into beautiful shapes such as the egg-shaped Lagoon bath . It has a sumptuous, warm feel, which goes a long way to enhancing your relaxing, bathing experience.

Check out our Touchstone bath range here.







Buying whirlpool baths


Bring the soothing atmosphere of a luxury spa into your own home, and enjoy a truly indulgent, relaxing bathing experience with a whirlpool bath.

It's hard not to let the stresses of daily life melt away, as a bubbly, luxury whirlpool bath, with jets of water massages away your aches and pains.

Our whirlpool baths are designed to give you this ultimate in relaxation experience and, like all our tubs, they're built to last.

Check out our full whirlpool bath range here




Buying shower baths

Shower baths

No space for a bath and a shower? Don’t worry, you’re not alone - many households don't have bathrooms with enough space for both, which is why we offer a range of purpose-designed shower baths.

Stylish yet versatile, our range of shower baths give you the option to have the best of both worlds, without compromising on space. As always, style and practicality are at the centre of all our designs.

The innovative ShowerCube (which is also available as a whirlpool bath) provides you with a fully enclosed shower area, and a comfortable deep bath, too!



Don't forget...

To check out our bath accessories to complete your bath.

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