What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. Cookies are required to operate ours and many other websites to enable the browsing experience to function properly and to track and monitor user behaviour on the website to identify errors and areas for improvement.

Why we use cookies

Cookies are essential to the operation of our website because they identify the pages and actions you have previously visited. For example when you add an item to basket and go to another page on our site, cookies enable the item to remain in your shopping basket.

As well as cookies that make the site work, we also use cookies to identify any issues and areas for improvement, these analytical cookies help us make our website better and identify which marketing channels are most effective.

The cookies we set



site enabling

The cookies we write and set on your computer are essential in allowing the website to work. Without cookies enabled you will not be able to add products to the basket or use our site.

Checkout system

Worldpay provides the secure payment service for the checkout on our website, the cookie placed by The Logic Group enables the user's payment to be placed through the website without interruptions.

customer reviews

After completing a purchase with us, we have requested that Trustpilot (an independent review service) invites you to give us your feedback. If you choose to do so then will set a cookie on your machine to ensure that you can review.

Analytics & site

Google Analytics enables website operators to view how traffic gets to a website and then what the traffic does on the site. This enables us to improve the website and our digital marketing, it also helps us to identify problems. In addition to this we also use Hotjar to analyse user journeys to improve the website and identify issues.

Affiliate tracking

Set when visiting bathstore through an affiliate link, TradeDoubler cookies anonymously identify the affiliate site which a user came to bathstore from so that we can reward them for sending us traffic. This is also used by cashback sites for customers who utilise these. Without cookies enabled we are unable to reward either affiliates (including cash-back sites) for the sale.


Adloox uses cookies in conjunction with Web beacons in order to help make the online advertisements you see more relevant to you. This tracking is also used to measure the campaigns and assess the success and reduce fraudulent traffic. bathstore considers carefully before operating these campaigns and it is important to note that no user can be personally identified to us from any cookies which are set by these services.


SaleCycle collect information to enable us to send abandoned basket emails to customers that cannot complete their checkout journey.


Used by the cloudflare content network to identify trusted web traffic


This is used for testing for future website development these cookies manage what version of the test group you would display in. An example could be where we are testing the colour of a button we would potentially have one group for instance seeing green and another seeing red. These cookies ensure you stay in the same variation of the test.



Enabling/Disabling and removing cookies

For further assistance on enabling, disabling or removing cookies from your computer, please click the links below, these will open in a new window and direct you to the website of each browser which will contain the most up to date information. Please note we cannot be responsible for the content of external sites.


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If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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