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Beautiful modern bathroom ideas on a budget

A modern bathroom can be a welcoming space in your home that feels luxurious and fresh. Whether it’s stripped back and simplistic or takes inspiration from structural modern art, contemporary bathroom design adds undeniable style.

Though it looks upmarket and sophisticated, modern bathroom furniture and sanitaryware doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve revealed our favourite affordable pieces to help you achieve a modern bathroom design scheme without a hefty price tag.

Stylish sanitaryware

Toilets and basins are the key areas of the bathroom where you can make a contemporary statement without the need to invest heavily in high end sanitaryware. Baths and showers may seemingly dominate modern bathroom schemes, but the basins and toilets are the unsung heroes of the design.

Toilets should feature sharp, clean lines that slot seamlessly into the room, while still providing comfort and practicality. A corner toilet can achieve just that, and has the added benefit of saving space, making it ideal for small and cloakroom bathrooms.

The basin is another key area where style and substance can easily collide. Elements such as curved, smooth edges and a wide, deep interior bowl create a basin that not only looks stylish and modern, but inviting to use!

Carefully placed glassware

Glass can be used in a modern bathroom to create an open, light-filled space. Choose simple, cleanly designed glass features that will integrate seamlessly into your wider scheme.

Shelving is a perfect place to include glass in a modern bathroom design, offering both style and functionality. A glass shelf ensures that light can travel across the room, while providing storage for those everyday bathroom essentials.

A glass bath screen with minimal attachments can easily be added to a bath-shower combo. It will provide essential water protection for the rest of the room while maintaining a fresh, simplistic design.

The finishing touches

A modern bathroom should be relatively minimalistic compared to a traditional bathroom – but that’s not to say you can’t have fun with colours and textures. Consider a white colour scheme across the walls matched with darker bathroom tiles on the floor (grey and marble-effect are particularly popular).

Splashes of metallic are the perfect way to accessorise, such as with a sculptured vase which can be filled with flowers or dried twigs to add a touch of nature to the room. Alternatively, coloured glass vases and holders can add a vibrant splash that works beautifully against a monochrome backdrop.

Modern bathroom style comes in a variety of designs, so you can customise the design to suit your personality. Explore the full Essentials collection to find contemporary bathroom furniture, accessories, and sanitaryware or check out more of our modern design ideas to transform your bathroom.

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