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Design ideas for a techy bathroom

Forget spa days, the latest advances in bathroom technology can help you create our very own pamper parlour at home. Here are our favourite high-tech gadgets that will revolutionise how you use your bathroom.

Showers with many powers

Showers are a star feature in any bathroom, and many now feature futuristic digital controls. Impress your overnight guests with a shower head that’s as techy as it is stylish.

Wireless showerhead

If you’re a lover of luxury, the Mira Vier Dual Rear Fed Digital Shower will serve as the perfect pampering partner. This high-pressure shower allows you to switch between the four spray settings, just by flipping the head. Its large rainfall sprinkler will evoke a tropical rainforest feel while you stand under the relaxing spray of water. Use the wireless control to heat it up to your ideal temperature beforehand, and look forward to stepping straight into the perfect showering experience every time.

Bluetooth showerhead

Offering multiple high-tech functions, the Link Bluetooth Shower Head is the ultimate bathroom showstopper. Bluetooth technology means you can hook it up to your favourite playlist on your phone, plus it even allows you to call your friends. You know you’re living the high life when you can answer the phone in the shower. Its on-trend rainfall design makes it a great contender for a contemporary space.

Indulgent bath

When we’re craving the need to unwind and relax, a warm bath is the perfect antidote. Cocoon yourself in luxury with a tub that uses innovative technology to soothe your mind, body and soul. 

Whirlpool bath

Nothing quite comes close to the bubbling hot tub that is the whirlpool. The Liberty 1700 Whirlpool Bath uses a 1.2 horsepower pump and eight water jets to treat you to an invigorating all-over body masage. 

Designed to indulge the senses, it promotes blood flow and muscle healing, leaving you rejuvenated and de-stressed. Think carefully about your bathroom layout, as you might need to rejig things around to free up space for one.

Finishing touches

High-tech bathroom gadgets don’t have to revolve around the bath or shower. Smaller luxurious additions such as mirrors and TVs can do just as good a job at satisfying a desire for convenient bathroom tech.

Sensor mirror

The Simplehuman Wall Mount Sensor Mirror is a definite game-changer. It’s LED rim cleverly simulates natural sunlight, for a well-lit glow that gives you perfect vision of your visage whether early morning or late night.

Ideal for make-up lovers, the 5x magnification of the mirror itself helps you to achieve a flawless finish. It also utilises multi-sensory technology to automatically turn itself on when you step up to it and switch off when you move away.

Bluetooth mirror

Music lovers rejoice. This Link Bluetooth-enabled LED Illuminated Mirror can be linked up to your mobile, so you can get ready to your favourite tunes first thing. The mirror itself features lines of LED low-power lights either side, lending a glamorous Hollywood feel. Hang it above a statement vanity unit for a focused glow.


Catch up on all the latest programmes while relaxing under a mountain of bubbles. The Proofvision Mirrored 19-Inch TV boasts waterproof in-built speakers and a heated screen to prevent misting up. The ultra-thin profile makes it a sleek addition in any contemporary bathroom.

Check yourself out in the mirrored LED screen, which will also bounce light around the room when not in use. How many spas do you know where you can soak in the bath and indulge in a box set at the same time?

Feeling inspired to treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience from home? For more bathroom design ideas, browse our design guides for more ideas on decorating your bathroom or look at our gallery.

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