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Restricted mobility bathrooms: Design ideas for disabled people

When designing a bathroom for someone who has a disability, it’s important to plan out a space that’s safe and comfortable. Slight alterations to typical bathroom features can make a world of a difference in creating a bathroom that looks modern and fresh and is easy to use.

Explore our gallery for inspiration and tips about designing a bathroom for someone with restricted mobility.

Easy bathing solutions

The bathing solution in your bathroom must meet your individual needs and be designed to accommodate your mobility restrictions. There are many different customisable options that are created specifically for disabled bathrooms, but you may also find an unadapted bath or shower offers exactly what you need.

A simple and stylish wet room

A wet room can be a great bathing solution for someone in a wheelchair or those who struggle to get in and out of a bath. Depending on your needs, you can have a shower with a single panel splash screen, or design an open-plan wet room that allows for a bit more space. With a shower tray that sits flush with the floor, wet rooms provide easy access and can be presented in a minimalist style your visitors will envy.

Find out everything you need to know about wet rooms.

Shallow baths for ease of access

Those who have difficulty getting into the tub can find mobility baths that have a low door, but it can be uncomfortable to wait in the bath while the water fills and drains. For some, a shallow bath is a more appealing alternative, as the specialised low sides make it easier to enter and exit, so you can step into a warm tub and relax straight away.

Little tweaks make a big difference

Small alterations to everyday bathroom essentials can make a big difference in creating a space that is comfortable and easy to use. When designing a bathroom to accommodate restricted mobility, each feature should be chosen and positioned to suit your needs. Exactly how this works will depend on your circumstances, but thinking about height is a great start.

Choosing the right basin

A tall pedestal basin can be a useful addition for those who may have back problems or other mobility issues that make it difficult to bend over. Alternatively, a wall-hung basin can be positioned at a height that feels most comfortable for you.

The height of the toilet

The toilet is one of the key features of the bathroom, and it should be laid out so you can move through your daily routine with it causing interruption. Our signature comfort toilet has a specially raised pan, created for those with restricted mobility to reduce the strain of sitting down. Alternatively, a wall hung toilet can be customised to meet your needs, and give your bathroom a hint of contemporary flair. 

Browse our full easy bathing bathroom suite range and explore customised features for restricted mobility bathrooms.

Little additions make every day feel easier

Sometimes, it’s the small details that can make the biggest difference. When designing a bathroom for someone with restricted mobility, it’s essential to include little additions that will make using the bathroom feel almost effortless. There are plenty of ways you can customise your space to suit your needs.

Grab rails are a multipurpose solution

Grab rails can be fitted to the walls to provide assistance when moving around your bathroom. To work out where to put them, think about how you use your bathroom and the places you might need additional support. 

There are rails that are made specifically for the bath that include a basket where you can keep a bar of soap, as well as other designs in different shapes and sizes that can be placed along the walls or beside the bath, toilet, and basin.

Additional support with a shower seat

A shower seat can be fitted into either a bath-shower enclosure or a walk-in shower, providing additional support while you bathe. Ideal for those who find it difficult or uncomfortable to stand in the shower, shower seats are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and stay rigid and secure despite the wet, humid bathroom environment. Our folding shower seat folds against the wall, to save space in your bathroom when not in use.

Embrace style and functionality

While a bathroom for someone with restricted mobility will no doubt look a bit different from a standard layout, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style! There are many features that will make your bathroom safe and comfortable, and look great while doing it.

Non-slip in style with vinyl tiles

Because bathrooms tend to be wet, humid places, slipping hazards are always a concern. Get peace of mind with our range of luxury vinyl flooring

Made from moisture-resistant vinyl, you can create an elegant atmosphere that looks beautiful and feels safe. Embrace a Scandi-chic vibe with wood effect flooring, or opt for shades of grey with brushed stone or granite to create a contemporary space.

Customise your space with wall-hung furniture

Storage is essential for maintaining order in your bathroom, and wall-hung furniture is a great way to customise your layout so you can access all your essentials. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, cabinets can be placed above the basin or on a stretch of open wall, so you can tuck your bathroom necessities out of sight and keep your place feeling orderly and tranquil.

Just like every other room in your home, your bathroom should be designed to suit your lifestyle and your personality. With a range of specialised features and customisable additions, you can create a bathroom geared for someone with restricted mobility, to make every day feel that little bit easier – and more stylish! Learn more about bathroom suites for people with restricted mobility or book a free consultation to discuss your needs with one of our design experts.

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