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Savvy design ideas for a bathroom on a budget

So, you’ve got grand plans to upgrade your bathroom – the only obstacle in your way is your shoestring budget. We’re strong believers that a beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth, and to prove it, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you dress your bathroom to the nines for less.

From simple swaps to revamping your colour scheme, explore our cheap bathroom ideas for inspiration on how to stick to your budget and create your dream bathroom.

Switch up your accessories

Giving your bathroom a makeover doesn’t have to mean starting afresh. By simply playing around with the finishing touches, you can breathe new life into dated decor. In fact, with a few simple alterations, you may even be able to transform your bathroom in a matter of hours.

Replace your mirror

A cost-effective way to make your space seem more open and airy, a well-chosen mirror can pack a strong visual punch. Look for a large statement piece that will bounce light around the room and offer an immediate facelift.

Go for new fixtures and fittings

Switching up the small finishing touches such as taps, radiator valves and the showerhead can create a big impact for a small spend. Waterfall taps are a cost-effective way to add a luxe hotel feel, while swapping the showerhead for a modern alternative can create a strong style statement without costing the earth. It could even make for a more indulgent experience, too, depending on the type you choose

Be savvy with your tile choice

Tiles can be costly, especially if you have a large amount of wall or floor to cover. But by being savvy with your design technique, you can reduce the number of tiles needed to make a style statement. Getting playful with colour and being creative with your patterns is a great way to add a splash of personality to your bathroom while still sticking to your budget.

Go halves

Opting for a half tiles, half paint look can help make your budget go the extra mile. It might be that you add tiles to the bottom half of the wall and decorate the top half with paint. Alternatively, you could add a tiled feature wall or paint the area behind the bath an eye-catching accent colour. As well as saving you from decking out the whole room, this thrifty technique will add lashings of personality to your space.

Statement tiles

Artesian tiles is the trend on everyone’s lips right now. If a tile design has set your heart aflutter but your budget won’t allow for it, don’t let the price crush your dreams just yet. While designer tiles are usually more expensive, when used strategically you can create a huge impact for a fraction of the cost. Try adding a few tiles around key areas such as the basin or bath for a stylish focal point.

Keep it all white

An all-white bathroom is both a timeless and on-trend option, with the Scandi look well and truly chiselling its mark in the décor stakes. The great thing about white bathrooms is the vast range of budget designs available, meaning you’re usually spoilt for choice when it comes to options within the lower price bracket.

Sculpted bath

Creating definition in an all-white space can be tricky, so opt for white bathroom pieces with sharp clean lines to create sculptural interest. Angular designs are ideal for evoking a minimalistic feel, perfect for a Scandi-themed setting. Consider pairing a white bath with wall-hung furniture and light shades of flooring, to maintain a relaxing, airy atmosphere.

Explore our bathrooms on a budget range to find the perfect white features within your budget.

Revive tired features

If your bathtub is still in good condition but looking a little tired, why not give it a fresh, white makeover? An affordable and quick way to update your bathroom, simple tweaks like replacing the panelling or splashing on a lick of white paint will give your scheme an instant lift. Alternatively, updating your linens by replacing them with white towels and a white bath mat is a quick and easy way to brighten up your space and give it a luxury-hotel feel.

Feeling inspired? Browse our design guides for more ideas on decorating your bathroom or take a look at our bathrooms on a budget gallery.


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