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Whether it's a complete transformation or just a few small tweaks you're after, finding the right look and feel for your bathroom can be tricky. Small spaces, obscurely shaped rooms and differing needs of the household can all bring up questions. That's why we've put together a range of design guides combining inspirational ideas and practical tips to help make the process a lot easier. From modern to traditional tastes, for luxury renovations or those on a smaller budget, we've shared our expertise to help you breathe life into your bathroom. There's also specialist advice on designing bathrooms for people with restricted mobility, effortlessly blending safety, comfort and style.

Design ideas for a cottage-style bathroom

Cottage-style bathrooms are all about incorporating charming quirks, pretty details, and a light and airy atmosphere into your scheme. When designing a bathroom with a country-cottage theme in mind, it’s important to balance simple features with unique touches, to create a cosy and welcoming space.

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Design ideas for a techy bathroom

Forget spa days, the latest advances in bathroom technology can help you create our very own pamper parlour at home. Here are our favourite high-tech gadgets that will revolutionise how you use your bathroom.

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Design ideas for a nautical bathroom

The gentle lapping of waves, sandy shores, and sharp silhouettes of boats in the distance – these are some of the scenes that spring to mind when we think of ‘nautical’. Taking inspiration from the seaside, it makes a perfect theme for the bathroom.

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Design ideas for a white bathroom

Our love affair with white is never-ending. The king of versatility, it blends harmoniously with any shade. There are plenty of benefits to incorporating white in your bathroom: it’s a colour that never falls out of style, it’s great for making a space feel bigger, and it creates the perfect blank canvas to let accent colours sing. 

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Design ideas for a blue bathroom

The colour of clear skies and oceans, blue is an ideal shade for the bathroom. Sitting at the cooler end of the spectrum, it won’t absorb too much light, making it ideal for bathrooms on the smaller side.

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Design inspiration for a Bauhaus bathroom

The Bauhaus was a German art school founded in 1919 that sparked a design revolution we still feel the impact of today. Founded in 1919, it promoted a modern and creative approach to fine art, with the aim to inject creativity into manufacturing once again.

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Design ideas for a vintage bathroom

When it comes to interiors, ‘vintage’ can mean many things. From 1920s art deco to 1960s pop art, there have been many brilliant trends throughout the decades worthy of being featured in your bathroom today.

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Design ideas for a hotel-style bathroom

Fluffy bath towels, a powerful shower, flattering lighting, and a giant mirror… these just a few of the things we look forward to when staying in a hotel. And now you can enjoy that same sense of luxury in your own bathroom.

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Design ideas for a wet room

A wet room is a sealed shower area that is designed to sit flush with the rest of the layout. Admired for their minimalist design, wet rooms are well suited to contemporary bathrooms.

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Design ideas for a red bathroom

Red is associated with energy and passion, making it a great colour if you want to inject excitement into your bathroom. Depending on the shade you choose, you can create different moods, from vintage throwback charm to trendy modern minimalism.

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Design ideas for a bathroom renovation

A bathroom renovation is an exciting opportunity to create your dream design. Whether you’re giving your space a complete refurbishment or a subtle makeover, it’s the perfect time to make the most of your layout and incorporate features that reflect your personality and current styles.

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Design ideas for a spa bathroom

We all love a day at the spa - nothing takes care of our bodies and mind more than an indulgent pampering session. So why not treat yourself to a spa-like experience every day of the week? From beautiful pieces to spoil-me additions, we show you how to replicate a spa environment in your very own home

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Savvy design ideas for a bathroom on a budget

So, you’ve got grand plans to upgrade your bathroom – the only obstacle in your way is your shoestring budget. We’re strong believers that a beautiful bathroom doesn’t have to cost the earth, and to prove it, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you dress your bathroom to the nines for less.

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Luxury bathrooms: Design ideas and inspiration

Get that high-end hotel feeling in your bathroom and make every day feel like a spa day by adding luxurious features to your layout.

To create an ultra-indulgent atmosphere in your bathroom, layer textures and colours and choose beautiful pieces that bring a sense of extravagance. Browse our gallery for inspiration and ideas about how you can create a luxury bathroom suite in your home.

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Design ideas for a traditional bathroom

Traditional design is all about combining vintage influences and natural materials to create a relaxing and elegant space. Because it’s a versatile theme, you can pick and choose your favourite aspects to give your own unique spin on traditional bathroom design.

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Modern design ideas to transform your bathroom

Bring your bathroom up to date and impress your guests by embracing the simplicity of modern design. From tranquil colour pallets to geometrical shapes, we’ve compiled some of our favourite tips to help you create a space that looks trendy and feels tranquil.

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