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Whether it's a complete transformation or just a few small tweaks you're after, finding the right look and feel for your bathroom can be tricky. Small spaces, obscurely shaped rooms and differing needs of the household can all bring up questions. That's why we've put together a range of design guides combining inspirational ideas and practical tips to help make the process a lot easier.

Design ideas for a cottage-style bathroom

Cottage-style bathrooms are all about incorporating charming quirks, pretty details, and a light and airy atmosphere into your scheme. When designing a bathroom with a country-cottage theme in mind, it’s important to balance simple features with unique touches, to create a cosy and welcoming space.

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Design ideas for a techy bathroom

Forget spa days, the latest advances in bathroom technology can help you create our very own pamper parlour at home. Here are our favourite high-tech gadgets that will revolutionise how you use your bathroom.

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Design ideas for a nautical bathroom

The gentle lapping of waves, sandy shores, and sharp silhouettes of boats in the distance – these are some of the scenes that spring to mind when we think of ‘nautical’. Taking inspiration from the seaside, it makes a perfect theme for the bathroom.

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