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How to add a splash of red to your small bathroom

Think about shade

When it comes to incorporating colour into your bathroom, choosing the right shade to reflect your personal taste is paramount. If you want to achieve an ultra-modern look, bright tones like crimson and candy-red offer an urban and contemporary vibe.

To minimise the intensity, consider wine-toned tints, such as scarlet or oxblood. Alternatively, if you’re after a softer look, shades of red that have been saturated with pink or purple hues, including rose and blush, offer a more traditional atmosphere while still creating a distinctive effect.

Red on the walls

There are many ways you can smarten up your bathroom by adding a splash of red to the walls. Because it is a vibrant colour, it’s important to be careful about the way you choose to incorporate it.

Your bathroom should be a place to seek retreat and relaxation, and too much red, especially in a small bathroom, might quickly feel overwhelming.

However, there are many ways you can liven up the atmosphere while making the most of your space.

Stick to one wall – Choosing to paint or tile a single wall is a simple but effective way to revamp a small bathroom. By concentrating the colour to one place, and keeping the other walls a neutral shade, you can achieve a contemporary look without shrinking the feel of the room.

Consider contrasting the feature wall with sleek cabinets and units; shades of charcoal, such as lava, naturally emphasise a red effect in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Draw the line – If you want to achieve an edgier design, creating a border at about waist-height around the perimeter of the room using red tiles is an artistic way to break up a monotone scheme without overwhelming the space.

If you don’t want to commit to a surrounding stripe, consider using red tiles to frame a feature, such as the bathtub or mirror, for a less-encompassing but equally impressive effect. 


Half and half– For those who are keen to ramp up the rouge, painting or tiling the upper half of the walls red and the lower half a bright, glossy white can make a small bathroom feel both spacious and trendy.

Add a third shade of sophistication to the floor with black or slate-toned tiles, incorporate a touch of vintage class with a checkerboard approach, or complement the two-toned walls with a patterned floor.

Red hot spot

Another great method to add some red energy to your bathroom is to pinpoint a single red feature. Doing so creates a statement in a bathroom with neutrally toned walls, especially when the scheme is minimalistic. It is also an effective way to complement red tiles, without overwhelming a small room.

A red countertop is a modern addition that is simple yet striking – to achieve an urban finish, consider pairing with darker furniture, in sophisticated shades of grey. Alternatively, it can add a cheerful pop of colour when matched with bright white cabinets.

Instead of painting the town red, why not paint the bath instead? To truly make a statement, opting for a red tub is an indulgent and fun way to really make your bathroom unique.

Consider choosing a bath in a classic shape with a paintable outer surface so you can choose your perfect shade – opt for old Hollywood glamour with a scarlet hue, or keep it current with crimson. You’ve got a red rainbow to choose from!

The cherry on top

Incorporating red accessories throughout your bathroom will tie your design together in a subtle and customisable way. If you don’t want to commit to any alterations that are too permanent, simply add splashes of red that you can change up at any time. 

Red towels are an easy and impressive way to create a statement, especially when displayed on a towel radiator or folded and stored on a tall shelf. Similarly, a red bath mat is a quick addition that immediately creates a striking contrast against the floor.

Adding rosy details, dotted throughout the room, is easy to do and it creates a polished impression. Consider small additions, such as red candles or plant pots, which are both charming and practical – especially when you want to unwind in a luxurious bath! 

From the extravagant to the simple, there are many ways that you can invigorate your space by creating a red bathroom scheme.

Whether you choose to reinvent the walls with red tiles, highlight a particular feature, or sprinkle red accessories throughout for a quick burst of colour, get ready to embrace the fiery side of the rainbow and reenergise your bathroom. 

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