What Is A Pedestal Sink?

what is a pedestal sink

When creating a bathroom, be that new or upgraded, there are plenty of variables to take into account. Most of these come down to fixtures and fittings, including the bathroom sink – a focal point in many bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom, or prefer a stripped back look, you may have heard that a pedestal sink might work in your space. But what is a pedestal sink and why should you consider it?

What is a pedestal sink?

A pedestal sink is any sink bowl that sits on a column or slim stand rather than a vanity unit. This classic sink design is one you’ll most likely already be familiar with – although perhaps you didn’t know the name of it. Pedestal sinks are hugely popular, so let’s have a look at why.

Why are pedestal sinks so popular?

Here are a few reasons why pedestal sinks are one of our best-selling range of sinks:

1. Timeless design

The pedestal sink design came into fashion in the early 20th century and is still widely bought today. Simple but stylish, it’s a good investment if you want a piece that doesn’t have to change with the trends. 

You can also find some great fresh takes on the classic design if you want something a little more styled. For example, pedestal sinks that are one continuous column from the bowl down.

2. Durable material

Classically made from porcelain, the pedestal sink is really durable from bowl to floor. The material is strong, hard, and naturally white in colour – so it won’t stain easily. It also has a high resistance to corrosive chemicals and thermal shock from very hot or cold temperatures.

3. Compact options

When you have a small bathroom, sometimes a vanity unit or large pedestal sink just won’t fit. Fortunately pedestal sinks are really versatile, and you can get corner and smaller designs made to fit in small spaces. And even still hide pipes and plumbing. 

How do they hide pipes?

One plus point of a vanity unit is that it hides plumbing and pipework very easily. You may think that a pedestal sink won’t achieve the same, but it can. 

Depending how big the stand is on your pedestal sink, they can easily hide pipework. The shape of the stand is made to mimic the straight up and down pipes. All you need if you’re installing it yourself is some cable ties to make sure your pipes are compact behind the stand. 

However, if you are having trouble hiding pipework behind your pedestal sink there are a few things you can do:

Build a small cupboard 

These types of small cupboards are available to buy, or you can construct one yourself. They’re also great for added storage.

Hide it with plants

Buying large plants to put at the base of your pedestal sink can easily hide pipework and add decorative charm.

Install a sink skirt

This is a piece of cloth attached to the underside of the sink to hide pipework. It can be as decorative or as plain as you like to match your space.

Get pipe covering 

Mask pipes with white plastic covers for a seamless and neat solution. Covers are available to buy cheaply in most DIY shops.

So there you have it, our guide to ‘what is a pedestal sink?’. If you have any other questions, our experts are on-hand to answer them. Simply pop in-store or online today and our team will be happy to help.



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