Bathroom Baths Jargon Buster

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Buying a bath is complicated enough – with so many decisions to make about size, shape and style, the whole process can be a little overwhelming. To help make things a little more straightforward, here’s a glossary of terms and phrases specific to baths:

Acrylic bath

A cost-effective bath that’s lightweight and durable with a smooth, sleek surface. Acrylic baths are extremely versatile and retain heat very well.

Bath panel

A panel which is often bought separately to the tub itself. The panel conceals the underside of the tub as well as plumbing and pipework, and can be easily removed for maintenance.

Bath shower mixer

This style of tap is used for shower baths and controls the hot and cold water supply to fill the bath, as well as that of the shower head.

Bath waste

A bath waste typically connects the bath plughole, plug and overflow pipe. These are often bought separately to the tub itself.

Corner bath

A style of bathtub which sits flush to the wall, slotting snugly into a corner and can be a perfect space-saving solution.

Deck-mounted taps

A modern style of tap mounted on the edge of the bath and easy to operate. These are a popular choice for minimalist and contemporary bathrooms.

Double-ended bath

A double-ended bath usually has the taps situated in the middle of the tub and slopes on both ends to accommodate two people sharing a bath.

Floor standing taps

An elegant style of tap for freestanding bathtubs, which stand on the floor and reach over the bathtub.

Freestanding bath

A luxurious and decadent style of bath perfect for spa-like traditional or contemporary-style bathrooms. Unlike inset baths, a freestanding bath is usually the centrepiece in the room and has floor space on all sides.

Inset bath

A standard straight bath which sits flush to the wall, usually with only one side open to the room – which is often covered with a bath panel.

L-shaped bath

A contemporary style of shower bath with a cubed shower area at one end of the tub, giving the best of both worlds.

Mono mixer taps

A style of tap which combines water from the hot and cold water supplies. This is the ideal style of tap for those short on space.

P-shaped bath

A style of shower bath with a spacious, curved edge at one end of the tub to provide a spacious shower area in the bath – giving the best of both worlds.

Roll top

A style of freestanding bath with a roll top edge for a classic look that’s perfect for traditional style bathrooms.

Shower bath

An ideal space-saving solution if you don’t have space for bath and separate shower enclosure. The shower bath doubles as a shower and still gives you the option to have a relaxing soak in the tub.

Shower screen

An elegant fitting for a shower bath which protects other fittings in the bathroom from being splashed with water.

Single-ended bath

A single ended bath typically has the taps and wastes at one end of the bath and a slope for back and shoulder support at the opposite end – perfect for one person to enjoy a relaxing soak.


A luxurious, vintage style of bath, perfect for those who take their relaxing baths seriously. The slipper bath is raised at one end to provide ample back, shoulder and neck support for the ultimate, indulgent bathing experience.

Steel bath

A strong and durable style of bath which is especially study – perfect for family bathrooms that will see plenty of use in years to come!


This style of bath is perfect for inset baths, as the straight edges sit snugly to the walls and in corners. By design, a straight bath is a popular choice for family bathrooms as it’s perfect for kids.

Tap shroud

A cover for the hot and cold pipes leading from the tap to the floor for floor-standing taps.


A material to make baths which is typically 60% more thermally efficient than standard acrylic baths, so your bathwater retains heat for longer.


A special type of stone resin used to make seamlessly smooth baths that are sturdy, rigid and thermally efficient.

Wall-mounted bath shower mixer

A style of tap which combines water from the hot and cold supplies, used for the shower and to fill the bath. Unlike standard bath shower mixer taps, this style is wall-mounted, concealing the pipework in the wall rather than being plumbed into the tub itself.

Wall-mounted taps

A style of tap which is concealed by the wall it is mounted into rather than the bath itself. It’s the perfect option for modern, minimalist-style bathrooms.

Whirlpool baths

The ultimate in indulgent baths, which brings a spa-like sense of luxury to your bathroom. A whirlpool bath has a number of jets which pump the water around the tub, providing a relaxing massage experience.



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