Bathroom Fittings Jargon Buster

There are lots of accessories to tidy and organise your bathroom, ensuring everything has its place. If you’re searching for the right accessories for your space but are baffled by terminology and phrases, then we’ve got the answers here in our jargon buster!

Bathroom glass shelf

Sleek shelving that fits neatly against the wall, without intruding on the space – perfect for displaying designer cosmetics, bath products or simple decorative accessories.

Bevelled glass mirror

This is a mirror with a very slight slant (bevel) around the edges, accenting its style and helping to distribute light around the room.


Mirrors which incorporate an innovative demister so that the mirror remains clear even after a hot bath or steamy shower.

Grab rail

A rail which is easily fitted to the wall and can provide support and stability when getting in and out of the shower or bath for those with restricted mobility.

Illuminated mirror

Moisture resistant mirror which gives out a soft white light to flatter from every angle. Lights are turned on by an innovative sensor switch, so you won’t need to turn it on or off.

LED mirror

Similar to an illuminated mirror, LED mirrors incorporate subtle LED bulbs to illuminate the mirror. Sensor switches are also included along with demisters so you don’t need to worry about the mirror fogging up or turning it on or off.

Mirror cabinet

A style of bathroom cabinet which provides ample storage space for bathroom products and cosmetics and incorporates a sealed glass mirror.

Robe hook

A hook which fits to the wall or the back of the door to store your bathrobe, dressing gown or towel.

Soap dish and soap dish holder

A nifty accessory to hold your soap, keeping the area around your basin and shower or bath looking neat and tidy.

Spare toilet roll holder

An accessory for having your spare toilet rolls on display, keeping them handy without looking untidy.

Toilet brush holder

They’re a sturdy and sophisticated fitting for storing your toilet brush, which is easily fixed to the wall.

Toilet roll holder

These holders are an essential space-saving accessory to store your toilet roll, keeping it close to hand.

Toothbrush holder and tumbler

A stylish accessory that fixes to the wall, holding a ceramic mug or frosted glass to keep your toothbrushes together and the area around your basin looking neat and tidy.

Towel rack

Fitted to the wall, a towel rack is perfect for storing your spare clean, fluffy towels in your bathroom.

Towel rail

Towel rails add a stylish touch to any bathroom and are perfect for storing large and small towels.

Towel ring

These are perfect for storing your hand towel within arm’s reach of the basin in any bathroom and a great space-saving solution for cloakroom bathrooms.

Wire basket

A smart and sophisticated accessory to make the most of your bath and shower space. Fitting snugly to the wall or in a corner, a wire basket stores your bath and shower products within easy reach. bathstore’s wire baskets are made using solid brass and dipped in chrome to keep them looking their best.

Wire shelf

Stylishly designed to work with any modern bathroom, a wire shelf comes in a range of shapes and designs and fixes to the wall to store your soaps, sponge or shampoo. Made from solid brass and dipped in chrome, our wire shelves are built to last, even after continuous drenching.



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