Bathroom Suites Jargon Buster

Bathroom with stand alone bath

Here at bathstore, we’re pretty fanatical about our bathroom suites, but we don’t expect everyone to get the lingo we bounce around.

Here’s a quick glossary of words, terms and phrases you might see whilst researching bathroom suites.

Bath panel

A panel that fits to the side of a fitted bathtub and conceals the underside of the bath. These are usually made in-keeping with the style of the bathtub itself, usually in acrylic and wood.

Chain flush

A type of toilet flush usually fitted with traditional style high-level cistern toilets.


This is the back part of the toilet which connects to the toilet and holds the water for flushing.

Cloakroom suite

A suite of fittings and sanitary-ware which are smaller than standard fittings and therefore ideal for small spaces, such as a downstairs toilet or cloakroom.

Close coupled cistern

More modern style toilets have a low-level cistern which sits directly on the toilet bowl to make a complete unit. All pipework is, therefore, concealed within the toilet – as opposed to the more traditional toilets.

Concealed cistern

A contemporary design which conceals the cistern part of the toilet behind a panel as part of fitted furniture.

Contemporary suite

A modern design of bathroom suite that incorporates minimalist and cutting edge design elements.

Crosshead taps

This style of tap is usually used in traditional style bathrooms and is named after the levers that operate the faucet, which are in the shape of a cross.

Bath shower mixer (BSM)

A combined tap unit for shower baths. It can be used to fill the bath or, with the use of a diverter, to have a shower; alternatively, use the flexible handset to just wash your hair.

Dual flush toilet

A dual flush toilet has two push buttons to flush different levels of water. This is for a full flush (6 litres) or half flush (3 litres), making it both economical to run and environmentally friendly.


An additional bathroom suite which usually connects to the master or guest bedroom for convenience. Ensuites are typically smaller in size than the main or family bathroom suites.

Family bathroom

The main bathroom in the house is often referred to as the ‘family bathroom’, particularly in households with one bathroom shared by both parents and children.

Freestanding bath

A style of bath that is not fitted to the wall and stands freely in the bathroom. Usually a focal point of the bathroom, freestanding baths are typically grand in design, with the plumbing concealed within the unit itself.

Full pedestal

This stands on the floor and raises the basin to the appropriate height. The pedestal also hides the pipework for the taps and waste.

High-level cistern

A traditional style of toilet cistern which is usually mounted high up on the wall and connects to the toilet via a long flush pipe.

Inset basin

A style of basin which is fitted into a bathroom unit, such as a vanity unit. Plumbing and pipework is concealed in the unit rather than a pedestal.

Mirrored wall

A large mirror which occupies nearly a full wall. This is a favourite design trick for small or dark bathrooms, to create the illusion of space.

Push-button flush

This is a modern style of toilet flush which operates by pushing a button rather than pulling a handle on the cistern. These can be used on regular low-level cisterns and concealed cisterns.

Semi inset basin

A basin which is only partially fitted into a bathroom worktop or vanity unit with the front half exposed, like a standard basin.

Semi pedestal

A semi pedestal does not fully support the basin as it is wall hung, with its main purpose being to conceal the pipework.

Shower bath

A versatile style of bath which also works as a shower. These are an ideal space saving solution, particularly for those who enjoy showers but also want to have the option of having a bath, yet don’t have space for a separate tub and shower enclosure.


A style of bathroom design which is sleek and modern in design, but doesn’t incorporate cutting edge, contemporary features, making it adaptable and timeless throughout the years.


A style of bathroom that takes inspiration from older style bathrooms to create a classic, statement bathroom.

Vanity unit

A unit which fits into bathrooms for storage and to hide pipework. They can be used in conjunction with an inset basin rather than using a full or semi pedestal.

Wall-mounted or wall-hung fittings

Space-saving sanitary ware which is attached directly to the wall rather than standing freely on the floor. These are ideal for smaller bathrooms as they create the illusion of space.



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