Bathroom Vanity Units Design Guide

an image of a bathroom vanity unit

Bathroom vanity units are all the range at the moment and it’s easy to see why. They’re practical, stylish and completely customisable to your space. Add in that they can be as easy as placing them under your sink to install and it’s no wonder we’re writing a guide about them. 

However, we know from experience it can be difficult knowing where to start when you’re considering adding one to your space. That’s why we’ve broken up what to consider in this handy article.

What is a bathroom vanity unit?

A bathroom vanity unit is any kind of cupboard or unit that sits below your sink area. They’re great to increase storage in your bathroom while not taking up too much space. If you have a small bathroom, a vanity unit can be a lifesaver.

They’re also good for hiding unsightly waste pipes from countertop sinks, but can be used with freestanding sinks too if you get one that fits well. If you are considering popping a bathroom vanity unit under a freestanding sink, it’s really important aesthetically that you make sure you measure well for a snug fit. 

Finding your style

Speaking of aesthetics, it can be quite an overwhelming task when deciding which bathroom vanity unit will look great in your space. With so many to choose from, we’ve broken it down into categories to give you a place to start.


These are vanity units you can’t go wrong with, classic rectangular shaped cupboards that are available in a range of different colours and door styles.

Depending on the size of your space and your budget, you can get anything from the Alpine Duo 495mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit to this Vermont 800mm Floorstanding Vanity Unit with more storage space. Both classic white and shaped to fit any bathroom style. Too simple? Why not try other colours or doors with a little more detail, like the Savoy 790mm Floorstanding Vanity Unit. Still classic in style and shape but with that little bit more flair, how about the Savoy 790mm Floorstanding Vanity Unit with Granite Worktop in a subtle grey?


There are lots of different more modern styles that can suit a state-of-the-art bathroom. Whether it’s their texture, colour or design.

Take the Mino 500mm Wall Mounted Vanity Unit, perfect for more urban bathroom designs. Or the Noir Craft 600mm Basin Unit for a modern twist on a traditional material. There are also plenty of floating vanity units, such as the Wall Mounted Vermont 600mm to choose from as well as freestanding units, like the Sketch 900mm Right Hand Wash Bowl and Unit – and a lovely bright colour too. 

If you’re wanting something really unique, try the curved floating Linen 600mm with a decorative handle. Or a more stripped back minimal Noir 600mm Basin and Frame Unit which has metal frame detailing. Basically the bathroom’s your oyster.


Although our bathroom vanity units with fitted sinks already installed are the easier choice for a lot of people, in theory you can attach any sort of vanity unit to a countertop basin and it would work the same way.

This also gives you infinitely more choice, upcycle a unit you already have at home, or treasure hunt in vintage stores to find the perfect style for your bathroom. See our article on how to fit a countertop basin

Materials that work

If you’re inspired by the mention of a vintage vanity unit, it’s important to remember that some materials are better than others when it comes to styling your own bathroom vanity unit. Most ready-to-go units are a mix of wood and some kind of plastic vinyl. This is to make sure they’re hard-wearing in a humid environment. 

A lot of vintage cupboards will be made of good quality wood but may not necessarily be waterproof – even if they’re varnished. If you’re looking to add a waterproof coat, polyurethane, varnish, and lacquer are great tried and tested methods to waterproof your bathroom vanity unit against humidity and spills in the bathroom.

Measuring up

By now you’re probably brimming with ideas, however it’s worth mentioning making sure you measure up your space before choosing the style you want. All the products on our website have measurements on the Product Description tab, saving you time and effort.

Feeling inspired?

We hope so, but if you do have any questions about bathroom vanity units we’re here to help. Simply contact us online, social or visit us at your local Bathstore.



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