Our Guide To The Best Bathroom Accessories

best bathroom accessories

Whether you’re adding character to a new bathroom, or looking to refresh a rental space that doesn’t feel like you, bathroom accessories are the answer. A well placed plant pot, jazzy shower curtain, or even a new mirror can instantly transform a space. 

That’s what this guide is all about, giving you an overview of the little things you can do with bathroom accessories to give your space that ‘wow’ factor. Helping put a smile on your face whenever you walk in the room.

Here’s our list of the best bathroom accessories and how to use them. You can also use this as a checklist when it comes to refreshing your bathroom décor.


There are so many different plants that look dreamy in a bathroom. From trailing beauties on high shelves and storage, to windowsill light-lovers and sprawling floor ferns. Our recommendations for bathroom-loving plants are spider plants, ferns, bromeliads, wandering dudes, peace lilies and even orchids. Anything that can handle high humidity – make sure you check how much light they need before you choose one. Be sure to add colourful plant pots for stylish bathroom accessories that aid plant drainage too.


Just like plants and pots, art can give a room that colourful lift – especially if you’ve got a fairly neutral base colour palette to work with. Whether you love fun bathroom-related puns, famous art prints, or more modern illustration, make sure you choose good quality frames. This will mean your prints don’t get damaged in high humidity. You may even consider taping the back of the frames too. Frames can also become bathroom accessories in themselves by adding paint or choosing a decorative style.


Another way to add artistic flair is with a mirror. Classic bathroom accessories, you may think of adding a mirror as just a necessity, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give it some personality. Choose mirrors with LED lights, Hollywood- style lights, useful storage, funky shapes, designs and colours – anything that shows off your individual style.

Shower curtains

Just like mirrors, shower curtains may feel like fairly straightforward bathroom accessories, but they don’t have to be. Choosing a more flamboyant print, colour or style of shower curtain can make it one of the best bathroom accessories to brighten up a bathroom. Especially if you think of it as one huge piece of art.


Similar to shower curtains, blinds can also act as bathroom accessories that really brighten up your space. Choose artistic prints or colourful designs to add a pop of colour. Or if you prefer a more pared back style, a wooden venetian or hessian blind can bring a beautiful natural, minimal feel to the room.


If you love a pared back look, there are plenty of great fittings that can help you along. Take taps for example, these matte black mixer taps are beautifully styled modern minimal bathroom accessories. On the other hand, if you prefer a more vintage styled room try this classic tap design that looks great with a freestanding Victorian bath. 

Other fittings that can double up as stylish bathroom accessories are toilet seats, towel rails, radiators and shower heads. Anything that can be easily removed and replaced.


Another bathroom fitting that deserves its own section is storage. This is a really versatile bathroom accessory that comes in all shapes and sizes. From the mirrored storage cupboards we discussed earlier, to vanity units for your sink, freestanding and wall mounted storage, there’s so much choice. You may also want to consider shelves, bath trays and storage cubes to add your art, plants and toiletries to.

Have we missed anything?

Tell us about your best bathroom accessories on social media. The Bathstore team are also always around to advise on great bathroom accessories that’ll suit your bathroom décor. if you’re not sure. Pop in-store today to get some inspiration.



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