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Choosing the Best Bath Taps for You

an image of a freestanding bath with a large silver tap

So, you’re in need of new bath taps. Sounds simple enough, right? Well you’d think so, but from colour, to style, to build, it can leave you with choice paralysis before you’ve even begun to consider ‘what are wall mounted bath taps?’.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. To talk you through each decision you’ll need to take into account and help ultimately guide you to the right bath taps for you. 


Let’s start with style

If you’re simply replacing your bath taps, it’s fairly easy to decide on your style – as it’ll hinge on the aesthetic you’ve already chosen for your bathroom. If you’re renovating it can be a little more complicated, as you’re starting from scratch. But even without your thousand-pin Pinterest board you probably know what sort of style you’re leaning towards.

If you’re all about a classic style bathroom, perhaps choosing bath taps for a freestanding Victorian bath, you’ll probably love something like the Bensham Lever Head Bath Tap. Effortlessly stylish silver taps with mock porcelain covers and block font. Beautiful to complement a vintage bathroom. There’s also the Bensham Chrome Cross Head taps which have a more minimal style which would easily complement a classic look.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may be sporting an ultra modern bathroom with a state of the art bath. For example, if you’ve got a P shaped or right angle bath, the Blade Chrome Mono tap would look great.

Choosing a colour

Making sure your bath taps complement your colour scheme can be vital to getting the look you want. If your bathroom is styled quite classically you might think you’re limited to silver, but why not mix it up? 

This stylish Noir Black bath mixer tap is perfect to pop against a more neutral coloured bathroom and still has a softer shape to complement a vintage bathtub. There’s also the option to include brass or gold bath taps, like the Etta design, which brings a splash of colour to a white bathroom. Brass and gold also work well with greens, blues and purples as complementary colours. Whereas silver bath taps cool down warmer tones like terracotta and mustard. 

Types of bath taps

Once you know what style and colour you’d like, it’s time to lockdown the physical kind of tap you’re looking for. There are plenty of different types of tap available, all with their own pros and cons.

Let’s start with separate bath taps. They’ve been around the longest, and lovely in a more classically styled bathroom. You could invest in a more vintage style with a classic cross head design, or go for something easier on the hand with a Lever Head design.

Next we have the mixer bath taps, it’s one you’ll probably see the most in a modern bathroom. Mixer bath taps are hugely popular because they allow you to mix the hot and cold water before it fills your bath. This means you can get it to just the right temperature.

You might also want to look into waterfall mixer bath taps, they do the same job but have a serene water-feature style delivery. Great if you love a relaxing bath.

Another enhancement of the mixer bath tap is thermostatic. This allows you to physically set the temperature so you don’t have to test the water – especially great when running a bath for young children or pets. 

If you’re looking for something for a family bathroom, you might also want to consider bath shower mixer taps. These are fab for hosing down pets, washing shampoo out of your little one’s hair, or even just cleaning muddy boots after a long hike. They’re especially useful if you’re not planning to have an over-bath shower too. 

Where to mount

So far we’ve looked at deck mounted taps, but you may love the idea of wall mounted bath taps. But what’s the difference between the two? 

Wall mounted bath taps are more aesthetically pleasing, the kind of bath taps you’d find in a boutique hotel. A great way to create a stylish, yet minimal focal point in any bathroom. But while more beautiful than traditional deck mounted taps, they’re also harder and more expensive to install. 

You could also consider a floorstanding bath tap, again a wonderfully stylish way to draw the eye in your bathroom. They’re also incredibly aesthetically pleasing when paired with a freestanding bath. However, again they’re more difficult to install than standard deck mounted bath taps.

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