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Our Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

bathroom towel storage cabinet

Bathroom towel storage can be difficult, especially if you have a small bathroom and need to store elsewhere. From cluttering the bottom of your wardrobe, to taking up space in your chest of drawers, to piling up in baskets, bathroom towels are a bulky inconvenience. 

In this guide we’ll take you through bathroom towel storage ideas that work, even in the smallest of bathrooms. Then we’ll look at some hacks for easier bathroom towel storage.

Bathroom towel storage ideas

Airing cupboards

This is the obvious choice for storing towels. Usually built around a boiler, this bathroom towel storage idea is not only a good use of space, but will keep your towels nice and warm ready for when you need them.

Vanity units

Another two in one storage solution, a vanity unit fits neatly under your sink and is the perfect place to store spare towels. A popular style we stock at Bathstore with two shelves is the Savoy 790mm Floorstanding Vanity Unit, but you can get them in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Freestanding units

Another way to use floor space for bathroom towel storage is a slim freestanding unit like the MyPlan 300mm design. It provides a good amount of storage while fitting seamlessly into your bathroom and without taking up too much space.

Wall mounted cabinet

This is a bathroom towel storage idea for those of you with a smaller space. A wall-mounted cabinet, like the Vermont Tall Unit, does just what it says on the tin. Saves floor space by being mounted to the wall while providing enough storage space for bathroom towels and so much more.

Storage cubes

If you’re looking for a space saver, wall mounted storage cubes are also a great bathroom towel storage idea. They’re not huge so you may have to roll your towels to get them in, or simply use hand towels and facecloths. But however you choose to do it, these cubes make for a great quirky display without taking up too much space.

Towel rails, hooks and shelves

We just couldn’t leave out these classic takes on bathroom towel storage. Hooks, towel rails and shelves make excellent low-cost solutions in your bathroom while being really accessible for the family and guests alike to grab a new towel.

Now we’ve talked about bathroom towel storage ideas, let’s get onto some hacks.

Bathroom towel storage hacks 

Just like packing a suitcase, bathroom towel storage can be made much easier with a few space saving ideas. Here are a few of our favourites:

Roll them up

A really simple, but effective, bathroom towel storage idea. Most people will go straight to folding their bathroom towels but rolling them up tightly can be a major space saver.

Buy the same style

Getting the same size and style of bathroom towels can make storage much simpler. It means they fit together more easily with less wasted space.

Order by size

Putting the bigger bath towels in your cupboard first, topped with hand towels then face cloths will mean less awkward storage – and an aesthetically pleasing display in open cupboards.

Use guest bedrooms

Instead of putting towels away, why not leave them on the end of guest beds ready for visitors? This will free up bathroom towel storage and looks great too.

And there you have it

Our bathroom towel storage ideas, ready to implement quickly and easily in your bathroom. Do you have any hacks or ideas of your own? We’d love to hear about them on the Bathstore social media pages.

If you do have any questions or comments about bathroom towel storage, our team at Bathstore are always on-hand to answer your questions. Get in touch with us online or visit us in-store today.



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