Our Best Bathroom Extractor Fan Guide

an image of a bathstore extractor fan

Adding an extractor fan to your bathroom can make a lot of sense. They create a more hygienic, safe, clean and far less misty environment in your bathroom. In this guide we’ll talk through what exactly an extractor fan is, the benefits of having one, and the different styles you can find at Bathstore.

What is an extractor fan?

An extractor fan is an integrated fan usually found in kitchens, bathrooms or laundry room walls and ceilings. Their role is to ‘extract’ moisture from the room and release it into the air outside. 

The best bathroom extractor fan will remove steam quickly, quietly and easily, leaving your room fresh and moisture-free. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs with a whole host of great benefits. 


What are the benefits of an extractor fan?

Improves your health

One of the main reasons to get an extractor fan is for you and your family’s health. Extractor fans stop moisture lingering on surfaces, reducing mould build-up and the harmful effects this can have on your lungs.

Protects your bathroom

Moisture not building up on surfaces also means that your bathroom furnishings and fixtures will last longer. For example, less excess moisture on metal means reduced risk of rust and erosion. Less moisture is also great news for seals, wood and grout.

Increases safety

Without an extractor fan, steam build-up can be extensive leading to reduced visibility and increasing the risk of slips and falls. This is also true of moisture build-up on floors creating slip hazards, another thing extractor fans can help to reduce.

Keeps you warm

If you don’t have an extractor fan, it’s likely you’re using an open window to reduce steam after baths and showers. We’ve all been there and know just how bracing a cold gust of air can be after a warm relaxing bath – especially in the winter months. An extractor fan stops this by allowing minimal cold air into your room, even when it’s turning.

Looks great

Although some may think an extractor fan will be an eyesore, we’re here to show you how it can easily complement the design of your space. Helping you find a fan that’s both practical and looks great in your bathroom.


Best extractor fan styles

Ceiling-mounted extractor fan

Bathstore ceiling-mounted fans are made to be as stylish as they are practical. A chrome extractor fan like this Rapide Inline Ceiling fan is great if you already have chrome fixtures and fittings in your bathroom. The minimal circular design fits seamlessly with chrome spotlights and is really cost effective. This style of extractor fan is also available in white to blend into light coloured ceilings.

Wall-mounted extractor fan

Bathstore have several styles of wall-mounted extractor fans. The classic Whisper Wall Mounted Extractor Fan is, available in chrome and white, is a great fit stylistically for any bathroom – almost mimicking the style of a radiator. If you prefer something more discreet and modern try the Serenity Chrome Wall Mounted Extractor Fan, styled to blend into your bathroom and look less obvious. 

LED light and extractor fan

This one is for the minimalists among you, an LED light and extractor fan in one simple fixture. Possibly one of the best bathroom extractor fans for those who love the built-in approach of ‘all your tech in one’. The Rapide Inline Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Extractor Fan with LED is stylish, effective and available in two colours: chrome and white to match your bathroom fixtures, fittings and colours.


Any questions or comments?

The Bathstore team is available online and in-store to answer any queries you might have on the best bathroom extractor fans and how to install them. 



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