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Our Toilet Roll Holder Design Guide

A toilet roll holder

They say the devil’s in the details when you’re renovating a home. And small items like the humble toilet roll holder are where this proves to be true. While it can be fairly easy to choose bathroom fixtures like bath, toilet or sink, when it comes to seemingly insignificant items it’s much tougher.

The straightforward toilet roll holder is actually incredibly diverse. Finding the right one is completely dependent on your style, colour scheme, family dynamic and space size. Using these as factors, we’ve put together a comprehensive checklist to help guide you to just the right one:

Freestanding vs. wall mounted

Deciding between a freestanding or wall mounted toilet roll holder all depends on your space. Limited floor space means it’s much easier to choose a wall mounted toilet roll holder. Whereas if you do have room a freestanding may be more attractive.

However, it’s always good to note that freestanding toilet roll holders can also double up as toilet brush holders and as storage for extra loo rolls. So it may even save you a little space in the long run.

Positioning options

Choosing where to position your toilet roll holder is key to easy use. Wall mounted holders should be a good height for children to reach – if you have small children you may want to measure their arm span. It should also be high enough so that pets can’t run off with your loo roll if you leave the door open. 

Another consideration for wall mounted toilet roll holders is if most of your household are right handed, placing rolls on the right hand side may be the easier option.

Freestanding toilet roll holders are a little less complicated as most can be moved around easily to accommodate the user.

Loose vs. secure

If you do choose a wall mounted toilet roll holder, you can buy those that let you easily slip on toilet rolls and those that are locked in place with a spring mechanism. This feels fairly insignificant choice-wise, but once you add animals or children into the mix you may want to make sure your loo rolls stays firmly in place.

Residential vs. commercial

Speaking of secure, if you’re buying your toilet roll holder for a commercial premises the more secure the better. There are lots of wall mounted toilet roll holders specifically designed for businesses to help you avoid theft and vandalism while fitting in a much larger roll for your patrons.

Style options

This is where you can get creative. Our range of toilet roll holders really show off the way even a simple silver toilet roll holder can be styled slightly differently to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

Take the Traditional Chrome design, perfect for a traditional bathroom teamed with freestanding baths and long chain toilets. Whereas if you’re sporting more of a modern bathroom suite you may want to go for a Square Chrome design or this minimal Modern Chrome design to add that touch of class.

Colour options

Classic stainless steel toilet roll holders are always a popular choice as they’re so versatile and easy to clean. If you want to stick with a metal holder there are plenty of other colours to explore too. Why not try the Aero brushed brass holder matched with other accessories in your bathroom, or the Etta brushed bronze holder? Another crafty option is a simple wooden toilet roll holder which can be painted any colour you choose. 

There you have it, our comprehensive guide to toilet roll holders. Need some more guidance? You can chat with us here, on social media or visit us at your local Bathstore and we’ll be happy to help.



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