What Is a Double Ended Bath?

an image of a freestanding bath against a blue wall

Double ended baths are as stylish as they are practical for plenty of reasons. In this design guide, we’ll talk about the benefits of a double ended bath and the different styles you can add to your bathroom suite. But first thing’s first, what is a double ended bath?


Double ended baths explained:

Double ended baths aren’t the most common so you may not have come across the term before. They are the same as a standard bath in many senses. The difference lies in where the taps are placed. Putting the taps in the middle of the structure means that you can lie at both ends, hence the name ‘double ended bath’.


Why are double ended baths better?

There are lots of benefits to this style of bath. The first is that they’re more aesthetically pleasing, especially if you get a freestanding tub. However there are plenty of stylish fitted double ended baths too.

Another benefit is that they’re more comfortable. You’ll have felt the pain of a standard fitted bath if you’re on the tall side. This style of bath can help you forget awkwardly jamming your feet around a mounted set of taps. They’re also great for couples looking to relax together, or for bathing children together. 

In short, they’re a great choice no matter your lifestyle or space. But which style should you choose?


Double ended bath styles

There are lots of different styles, so even when you’ve decided you want one it can be tough to choose between the designs. Here are our favourite double ended baths from Bathstore and the kind of spaces we think they work best in:



Straight double ended baths are your standard fitted square bath but with the taps in the middle, for example the Colarado white Premiercast design. Great for smaller bathrooms that have limited space for a double ended bath. It’s also one of the more attractive styles from a price point perspective. Try adding some stylish taps to make the design feel more premium.


Another example of a more common shape of bath, however the Madeira White Premiercast bath has a more angled back rest for extra comfort. It also looks a little more ‘styled’ than the straight bath, but retains the more manageable price tag.

Back to wall 

If you don’t have enough width to your room for a freestanding double ended bath but love the style, our Daintree design might be the answer. This bath is still ‘freestanding’ in the physical sense as it’s not fitted to your walls, but does have a straight edge so it doesn’t take up too much space. These extremely versatile double ended baths look great to highlight the style of period properties, or bring a minimalist charm to modern homes too.


The freestanding double ended bath is very popular and it’s clear to see why. Beautifully stylish yet effortlessly minimal, these modern takes on traditional freestanding baths are timeless. As mentioned with the back to wall double ended bath, they look beautiful in any style of property.

Cast iron freestanding 

The Villandry cast iron double ended bath is for the traditionalists among you. Slightly different to the previous two examples, this bath sticks to its vintage roots with metal feet and a cast iron body. This style of bath would look great in a period property to accentuate the vintage features in the room – think high ceilings and sash windows.

And there you have it, our style guide to double ended baths. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us online or visit us in-store.




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